Taking forever to load in to the point where I get kicked.

(ItMeBayside) #1

Ever since the recent patch, (the one that broke Javelin’s axe) I’ve taken forever to load into matches. So long to the point wheras I get kicked each time that I can’t load in. This never happened before the patch, only since the last patch. To fix it, I have to reinstall the game just to get it so it doesn’t take forever to load in. Any fixes other than having to reinstall everytime? Does anyone else have the same problem?

(Steve_Harvey) #2

I’ve had the same problem. However, the only fix i ever found was increasing my FPS a whole bunch by:

  1. Using the ‘screenpercentage’ thingy (Dont know how to explain)
  2. Lower settings
  3. Upgrade PC

3 seems to work the best, still making the game not look potato, but the other two are for times when you need it. Hopefully this works!