T-junction vertexes (was Q3Map2.5.4 draws to many vertices)

(chavo_one) #21

Don’t want to derail this sticky any further :), but I’ll answer with a “good, but slow”. Right now I’m modeling and skinning the motor boat I’ll be using in the canal escape.


maybe I could begin to understand this if that thing actually looked like T. Here is definition of a T-junction. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/T-junction

To me that looks like two 45 degree angles. A T-juntion should have two 90 degree angles??


(obsidian) #23

Ignore the green line, that’s not the T-junc.

See where the wall brushes meet the blue line? That’s the T-juncs in question.

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Tutorial: T-Junctions

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Thats good to know in case you want to suggest a map One thing that made me think of: are yall thinking about a a redirect? and whose are we using currently?