Switching in and out of DB is causing a crash

(K1X455) #1

Alt-TABbing in and out of windows (for reasons) is causing lockups

You need to fix this SD.

It’s 1.0 already.

If EAC gets upset, the whole Win10 crashes along with it.

Continuing Server Issues (13th Sept)
(Meetrock) #2

Happens to me too, but at certain time, for example when the match ends. I think it happens when your client is doing some heavy lifting and minimising the game causes it to suddenly stop whatever it was doing.

(Meerkats) #3

1.LOL more buggy than beta.

Regarding hard lock when alt+tabbing at end of match, issue may be related to anti-cheat. So when I hard lock, what I do is ctrl + alt + del, which, while the game remains hardlocked, allows me to hit the windows key, and from there, I log the user out, then mash “esc” to cancel the log out.

This lets you “boot up” faster.

But if you do this, you will get an game error message along the lines of “security error #00001” or something. I can’t check right now. Anyway, while I can’t be certain the game security error is caused by trying to force close the anti-cheat thread, it might be something to look into ( switch tasks causing an error with the anti-cheat ).

While this will reduce your downtime a bit, it will probably force close your mouse software, so make sure to start that back up. Additionally, at some point, if you keep doing this, your mouse just gets completely fucked and you have to restart.

What kind of witchcraft bullshit is this? I can’t tell, but I will say I’m disappointed in SD.

Also, make sure you enable console mode. If you can’t get to the lobby load screen within four seconds, console disconnect. If you don’t, there’s a chance you’ll join a broken lobby which will also hard lock the game.


It’s fine for me, I use windows 7 and I can alt+tab with no issues. I’ve also noticed running the game on dx9 vs dx11 changes alt+tab, where dx9 is very laggy after I alt tab and dx11 is fine. Not sure if it’ll make a difference for the crashing, but it might be worth a try if you really value your ability to alt tab.

(Khuzen) #5

Instead of alt tab, you could try using Ctrl + Win + Left/Right Arrow keys to switch desktops. Doing this brings you straight to whichever desktop is to the left/right to your current one with no delay or overlay in-between, it works the same as how I use the 4-finger swipe gesture on my laptop’s track-pad which works fine for me.

(kittz0r) #6

alt+enter is also something.