Switching between basic merc skin and your loadout's skin

(YangXiaoLong) #1

Hello everybody, this is my first post in DB’s forum even if i play this game since the closed.
Excuse me by advance for my bad English…

I was just wondering recently, after looking at gold skins, why don’t we have the possibility to switch between the basic loadout skin and your loadout skin?
Like switching between Bronze/Default, Silver/Default, Gold/Default

For example, Sparks

Basic skin

Gold skin

In my opinion, it’s a shame that we have some nice default skins, but we never use it because we don’t have perks on it.
I prefer those basic skins rather than gold skins, especially the gold i call “Bamboo gold” with wood, it’s pretty terrible. There are more colors on basics…

The other possibility is to make possible to craft those skins like bronze cards (C/C loadouts bronze skin to default skin) with the same requirements for fragments/credits.

Do you agree, or if no, why?

Thank you for reading me,

(Wintergreen) #2

100% agree and I think skins need to be removed by default in ranked.

(Ptiloui) #3

Seperate skins from loadout, period. You could even have merc skins and weapons skins separated and i think it will be still better than actual system, even though you’ll end up having more rng.

(YangXiaoLong) #4

This topic made a flop, here and on reddit…

(Da_Mummy) #5

Since I generally dislike the woodoptic on the weapons I definetly agree with you. Skins in general just make people think that they are better than others just because they have a gold card. There is a reason why the devs always mention that evrything from bronze upwards is just cosmetic. Like the idea with the skincrafting.

(TheStrangerous) #6

My thoughts exactly!
Every merc almost looks the same and visual clarity is violated. I’d buy all default skins with 3 augments, if I could! Hopefully they’re reworking the card system.