surrenders points?

(jabberwolky) #1

do u loose the same amount of points when u surrender a match as when u just loose a match ? or do u loose more ranked points when u surrender? :mad::mad::mad::mad:

(Mustang) #2

It’s the same as a loss, just faster.

(Glottis-3D) #3

Vote yes, if youre top of the team, and vote no, if youre bottom, then try harder.

(jabberwolky) #4

thats what i tell the people in the game and the get sooooo pissed that there loosing more ranked points and im like NO…

(Cgz27) #5

Would be cool if we could do a mercy vote that rewards people for staying in a 4v5 situation. ie) 15 points instead of 10
Tbh I think a loss should give you 15 points regardless lol, 10 feels so bad lmao