Suggestion: Friendly Fire - Different Hitsound for damaging Teamm8s

(eitsch0r) #1

Hi there,

i did not thoroughly test this, it is just my feeling. Does it sound differently when i accidentally cough damage my mates while playing ranked?

If not … i would like that. Just a bit differently, so that it it might be an audible clue.

Thank you for reading!

(Nail) #2

it used to, it definitely should

(BomBaKlaK) #3

Yeah and différent color for hitmarker !

(bontsa) #4

This. So much this.

(Szakalot) #5

few more years we might actually get this ONE SFX

(ASD) #6



(Lucindious) #7

Or just…Don’t shoot your teamates unless your a medic lol.

(ASD) #8

also medics should be carefull … i laready got some panalties for tk-revive

(eitsch0r) #9

ehm bump i guess?
//edit: please unread the @stayfreshshoe, shoe :rofl:

the new forum hints me to this stuff … i cannot resist ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(and now i go cowering away hoping that FF still makes the same hitsound as hitting the enemy =)