[Suggestion]Auto-msg appears when quick-chat

(ZaZa) #1

Simple idea.

If you’re using the quick commandline chat via keyboard key ’ V’ (or if you got it keybinded somehow, same story) > [ number ] [ number] in this case V > 2 > 1-2 which is the quick-chat request and number one means Medic! and number two Ammo!, so to my suggestion:

If you’re calling for v > 1 then an automatic mainchat message could appear like “Your current medic is ZaZa and is alive/dead” and same for v > 2, especially for new players this could be useful, both for yourself and your team, hopefully they have also went through the training session, and yes, obviously you can view directly from TAB and know who is who, but this could actually be helpful somehow.

And yeah, what if they don’t use the quick-chat, well, perhaps add some kind of filter which recognize/ detects the specific word and gives you an autoreply.

Yeah, ‘mainchat would be messy’, well, perhaps this could only show up to yourself, if you’re asking for a medic, the automsg ends up in your screen only.

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

(Florisjuh) #2

Sounds like a decent idea. Too bad for many matches it will show “your current team does not have a medic” :stuck_out_tongue:


Would be good for new players, I’ve seen a lot call for a medic when I’ve been dead for a while. So long as it was only visible to that one player and could be disabled though. I frequently use V22 or V21 even if our team doesn’t have any fire support/medics to try to pressure someone into switching, and having DB clog up my chat with “your team has no medic” wouldn’t be useful to me.
Speaking of that though, it would be great if “need ammo” and “need a medic” could be changed to “we need a firesupport” or “we need a medic” if there weren’t any on your team.

I don’t think normal chat integration is necessary though. The players who don’t know about the V chat generally don’t type asking for anything either, so it wouldn’t be worth the effort to program

Also saying who your medic is and if they’re alive is unnecessary and in general really isn’t a good idea. I’ve seen new players flip out about not being revived, when in reality I was half way across the map from them busting my ass to defend an objective or keep someone else alive, while they were sitting on a proxy mine in enemy spawn. Telling them your medic is alive and well just gives new players the feeling that your medic doesn’t care to revive you, when in reality they’re probably just busy

(Meetrock) #4

I’ve thought about a similar idea when an aura passed me and didn’t revive me. Basically it should work for all classes. For example if you call for a medic, a message should prompt up in all players who are medics and alive to remind them they need to do their job, same goes for other mercs, calling for ammo alerts fire supports, calling for reinforcing the attack alerts assaults and so on. This is basically what should be implemented next, since there are hundreds of new players coming in not knowing about their abilities (people think this is just a shooting game), and yes, the current system IS perfect and works well, but only if a player who’s a medic knows his advantages and actually RESPONDS to other players calling for medic (SAME goes for all other classes).

(Florisjuh) #5

Right now you do see the medic / ammo / revive icon popping up if someone asks for it / gets shot down. I’m not sure if medics need to be bothered with more spam.

A small tweak I would like to see if being able to pick back up unused med packs (recovering the charge time), similar to how Proxy / Bushwhacker can recover mines / turrets. I don’t want to leave behind med packs for the enemy if my team falls back, and sometimes I could use the charge time.


Basically what the V22 already does? Helping new players is one thing, but reminding them what merc they’re playing really seems like a bit much for a game that isn’t supposed to hold your hand, lol
Better to treat the actual cause rather than the symptom; ultimately we need a better and mandatory tutorial, so people actually know what they’re doing before they dive into a match. The game isn’t that complicated, it’s just better if players get used to it in the controlled environment of a tutorial rather than in a match with several level 100 players.