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(rosully) #1

So I’ve been attempting to stream dirty bomb and it seemed to be going ok. But after some reviewing I realized that there were a lot of problems. The stream was constantly “unstable” and was experiencing massive frame rate and bitrate drops, causing the stream to skip frames for the viewers and making it unenjoyable to watch. I have since lowered the graphics settings in db, lowered my bitrate, lowered the quality of the stream, found the most optimum server, and quite a bit more. My internet does not seem to be the issue as the upload and download speeds are high enough to support it, and my computer is fairly decent with an Intel i5 so I’m questioning what the real issue is. Audio seems to be fine and the frames when in the lobby of db seem fine, but when I start playing it goes downhill. I don’t experience much lag in game, but it lags so much when people watch it. If anyone with streaming knowledge or generally anyone who knows how to fix this could tell me what to do I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys and I hope your streaming is going better than mine is.

(Fei-Ling) #2

Judging from the VoD, you really seemed to have gone to absolutely potato settings, so I doubt the problem is the PC performance nor the internet.

The buffer seems to be constantly over 30 seconds. You didn’t perhaps try to set up some kind of delay but instead fiddling with the buffer size? You definitely should reset your streaming software (OBS?) to default and not change any settings other than resolution and bitrate (1000-2500 for potato testing settings, 3000-3500k normally, up to 6k if you don’t care that people with bad internet can not watch you).

For delay, there is a distinct setting for it where you put in for e.g. 600ms (for 10 minutes delay) - but that usually makes for a terrible stream (no viewer/chat interactions possible) and there’s really no need to fear stream snipers in a fast paced game like DB.

(K1X455) #3

You need to have


Stable bandwidth, first for the game, then for the stream.

You’ll also need processing power to work the frames of your game for transmission to the server; which implies you’ll need memory (both volatile, and preferably semi-volatile).

(Chris Mullins) #4

Cannot see any links to help out :frowning: @Andarne Is a good bloke to chat to. Also if you need further assistance :slight_smile:

(Mc1412013) #5

If your using obs try using the gpu driver built in streaming app to see if its obs. Run a speed test or use something like glaswire that lets you monitor network traffic.

(rosully) #6

Thanks for the suggestions guys but I managed to sort it out at least for the time being. There was some problems with the encoder but it seems stable now. Anyway feel free to check my stream out!