Stream Round-Up: 11th July 2018

(Kirays) #1


  • As already noted in the previous round-up, 1.0 is not being published in July. That hasn’t changed, however they’re planning to release before the end of summer.
  • No further spoilers as to what the release contains, SD is keeping their mouth shut.


  • The devs want to get FACEIT out to us as soon as possible, hence why the initial implementation won’t be fully integrated into the game.

Balance patch:

  • The balance patch is now scheduled for before or alongside the 1.0 release. It doesn’t contain any reworks, only number tweaks. Smooth is working on it at the minute.


  • The crash when attempting to load into the maps is out of the way now. There are a few things to fix but in the grand scheme of things Execution is looking pretty good overall!


  • No plans on servers undergoing major overhauls. Although there are a few support tickets coming in once in a while reporting about server issues, SD doesn’t have enough data to warrant looking into it.


  • They are actively looking at merchandise and have concepts on potential items, but it’s on low priority.


  • The jackal announcer is an employee at Splash Damage, so it’s simple to record additional voice lines when needed.
  • There will be another showmatch next week on the stream.
  • Unopened weapon cases won’t be tradeable at first, maybe they will be later down the line but nothing has been set in stone regarding that matter yet.
  • Shoe. opened 15 fragment cases, and obtained 20 fragments for each and every one of them.
  • In the last couple of days shoe. was in cologne to check out the ESL event over there, unfortunately he got the worst sunburn in his life and was a little red during the stream.

(B_Montiel) #2

No real issues really, multiplay servers are just plain bad. Tickrate is poor and going downhill as long as the server isnt restarted, which at some point creates warps, lagspikes, rollbacks, shoot through walls and so forth. Routing is bad. There are absolutely no reason at all that a frenchman get roughly 100 ms on a stockholm server, with a regular broadband (it’s above 60ms with fibre cable, which is not good either).

Yes, nothing to write a ticket about. I could send tons of clips I’ve captured in the last 3 months of server related issues. But the package is soooo badly rooted from the start I won’t waste my time doing this. And those aren’t new. This has been the same since they’ve taken control of the server management, which was slightly better when Nexon left the boat.