Stopwatch timers HAVE to be changed

(bgyoshi) #1

If Stopwatch is going to continue to exist as it does now, there needs to be a change in the timers.

Currently, there is only one timer, and it’s the overall time remaining. This makes sense for the first round, since a team has 15 minutes to do everything, however, for the second round…

There has to be a second timer, called Threshold. It will show you the actual time you have left to complete the objective. For example:

Team 1 pushed the EV to point X in 15 minutes. The EV moves at a certain speed. For this example, the time it takes for an unhindered EV to be pushed from the repair point to point X is 90 seconds.

This means that if Team 2 doesn’t push the EV at all from it’s start point, it’s impossible to beat the other team if the timer is under 90 seconds. The Threshold timer will show this, and update in real time. If the Threshold timer runs out, you lose automatically. So, as the team pushes the EV, the Threshold timer will increase since the amount of actual time it takes the EV to move to point X will be shorter and shorter.

This works for C4 timers too. Since there’s no OT in Stopwatch, the amount of time it takes C4 to blow from arming needs to be taken into account. If C4 takes 50 seconds to blow, then Team 2 has 15 minutes minus 50 seconds to arm C4 to win. If they don’t have C4 armed by 14m 10s, they lose. Or, if Team 1 disarms C4 with less than 50s left in the round, they win, since it’s now impossible to arm AND blow C4 before 15m.

This will also add a more visible level of suspense to the game. With the threshold timer accurately representing the literal amount of time left, players will be more aware of the time limits in the game, instead of suddenly realizing it’s impossible to win from this point and losing interest in the rest of the match.

Good idea? Bad idea? Shitpost? Pro MLG?

(RedBeard) #2

Nothing Has to be changed, You would like it to. Perhaps you should ask nicely!

(diamondPlant) #3

100% agree with you MidnightButterSweats

(TheHel1x) #4

I don’t think this HAS to be changed but it is a great idea that I too have been wishing was in game for a while now. Would definitely help the noobs who don’t know how long C4 takes to blow and all that.

(blonk) #5

Isn’t there? If there’s an active C4 for the first round and the timer counts to zero the round won’t end until it goes off/is defused, right?

Do agree with your idea though, there’s also a period of time where my teammates in ranked feel rather dismal because they know we’ve passed the threshold where we can possibly win. At least we could go back to Queue Simulator quicker.

(RedBeard) #6

No overtime after first round.

(Gire) #7

Ya, imo 15 minutes is just too long. And for that if team 1 has completed the map in like 5 minutes and the team 2 has already failed to repair ev in 4 mins then theres no possible way they will complete the rest in 1 min. So there are those “dead times” when you could just afk in spawn because theres 0% chance of your succes.

The round timer should OT on bombs atleast because here is the same “Dead time” when enemies plant the bomb and you are like “Haha i dont need to care anymore because the round will end 1 second before it explodes”.

(watsyurdeal) #8

Personally I feel like the first round of Stopwatch should play like Objective, I don’t see why the Defense has to hold for 15 mins, and ultimately be fatigued out because Attack can’t get their shit together till the last minute.

Have they already done this before? Cause if not I’d like them to see SD give it a try.

(woodchip) #9

Yeah, stopwatch should have objective like timers for the first and 2nd point. Maybe a touch more generous, like 6:30 minutes for objective 1, 6:30 minutes for objective 2, 15 minutes for all 3.

And then they really need to add an indicator of how far the first team got. No one remembers that the EV got to X or that people delivered once instead of twice.