Stoker's Theme Song

(Mr-Penguin) #1

If Stoker had a theme song, this would be it.

Feel free to disagree with me!

(Combat_Not_So_Medic) #2

Please don’t ruin my view of every db char with badime.

(SiegeFace) #3

I believe this would be Stoker’s theme

Either that or the original

The 2nd would be funnier due to his posh accent ; )

(Mr-Penguin) #4

Damn it, thought nobody would necro this thread.
Oh well/ :cookie:

(SiegeFace) #5

I’m a late medic, like the rest of us DB Players.

(Mr-Penguin) #6

Whoa there, @Combat_Not_So_Medic! What’s with the dislikes?

(Combat_Not_So_Medic) #7

This terrible thread was bumped thats why.

(Izzy) #8

Stoker doesn’t need music, he is badass the way he is, like is master in the video!

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(Mr-Penguin) #10



Not sure why people here hate anime so much, but if a mod could close this thread, that would be great.
@Faraleth @Amerika @Ardez

(Thai-San) #11