Still the best turn-based strategy game IMO

(tinker) #1

Nothing else to say

Please just bring it back to life

Downloaded it again, add me if you like, not playing it serious yet, trying to find and list all bugs so we can make some rules to avoid them

Tried like 10 different strategy games, Xcom being the closest to it, but not quite as much fun. Super Senso is good as well, but less fun and I don’t see it receiving that much effort and attention from the devs …

nice to see some guys still playing rad soldiers

Well, it’s epic

With friendly regards

(Armedmanus) #2

I miss it too! No other game even close to this one… It’s such a shame that they just let it go and are not even making a 2nd version.
I wish there was another game like it out there.


(g00n) #3

Still hanging out on forums, but the longer the wait without news feels like it is turning to dust and just a distant memory like all the games I liked in my past.
So missing multiplayer and playing on the computer. I had discovered how to film the games and edit when the news broke of google chrome ditching unity?
Definitely one of the best games I ever played turn based especially with passionate regular players on multi. It Has so much potential with chess like addiction. Sigh

(Bonbar) #4

I think Xcom is good enough.

(General_Rommel) #5

Ruined it for new players when they went to the random booster pack monetization

I’ll explain:

Trying to get my kids into it (aged 8 and 10) as they’ve recently gotten into chess.

They are trying to like the game but can’t progress because they play dozens of matches to earn enough for a booster pack, only to receive items they don’t want or need.

I’d actually spend money - like I did before when it was rad bucks - if I could guarantee they could get exactly what I want

So I could see new players trying this game out, but hitting a wall well before they reach level 10 and deleting the game

So nevermind just abandoning the game - they flat out killed it with the last update they did

(nguyendinhlinh) #6

I love this game.

(Armedmanus) #7

Have you guys tried the Super Senso game that just came out?
It’s a pretty good turn based game.


(tinker) #8

Super Senso is nice indeed

Im currently developing some sort of board game (diy, Lego figures)
It’s supposed to be a turn based battle with statistics and strategy components
You basically customize 2 units out of a given set of abilities and stats and play on a 8*8 with some obstacles vs someone else

If anyone might be interested , pm me
Balancing is huge

Still hoping to see the game come back

With friendly regards

(g00n) #9

Im quite picky about feel of games and I have not seen alternative that have the same feel as this game.
Tinker I been thinking about something similar idea for a wargame where Players choose a number of characters from a pool, working out movement including invisibilty etc have been put on hold as I work on a generic steampunk fantasy mass unit game…More like "tinkering " around too many projects.

(tinker) #10

super senso is as close as it get’s

Haven’t found something “better” yet

(Armedmanus) #11

It does need lots of fixes though… Hopefully the game gets more stable soon.
Turns are way too fast also. I know they want it fast paced but still need time to make and execute your strategies.

(B0TA) #12

Hi all I am new. Just installed but there is no way I can buy boosters or key for chest, it says ERROR CONNECTING as if I am offline, but I am not. Is the game dead and not supported anymore? :frowning: