Steam group DB to LB

(TheVulpesFox) #1

Hi everyone I have created a steam group for Dirty Bomb players, who are following the Lawbreakers game development, to hang out, chat and have fun playing together. It is open to everyone and feel free to start a discussion.
I will be uploading a picture soon and will hope to see you there.

(Adam) #2

Mr. Fox fucking McCoud.

(TheVulpesFox) #3


(gg2ez) #4


Oh, that’s Adam.

(tominatorx) #5


Oh, that’s Adam. [/quote]

You’ll start to like him more once you’ll get to know him better. :smiley:

(TheVulpesFox) #6

Ok I was just a little confused XD

(Adam) #7

Wait… People like me!?

(tominatorx) #8

Yes. Surprised?

(gg2ez) #9

Do I like you? No. Do I dislike you? No.

You’re a bearable guy.

On the other hand, everyone likes Torminatorx. Be like Torminatorx.

(tominatorx) #10

<3 I’m flattered :slight_smile: