Steam achievements

(Calisharp) #1

I’m attempting to put together a group of players looking to finish their Steam achievements for Dirty Bomb. Most of us just have a few to a couple achievements left to finish. While some need more than a dozen. If anyone is interested in either completing the achievements, or helping others to complete theirs, you’re welcome to join our little Steam group:

The link to join is set to never expire.

No time table is set for when we’d all join into a lobby; as we’re still in the phase of getting people to join in. That’s where you come in!

I understand Dirty Bomb is dead and all, but I bet there’s still folks out there that still play and wouldn’t mind doing a little achievement hunting for whatever reason(s). If you’re interested, join the Steam group and chill to until we get enough people to start things off.

(Mc1412013) #2

Its not dead till the last server is shut down

(jemstar) #3

It’s dead today!!! MAINTENANCE COUGH

(Mc1412013) #4

Then dont play

(jemstar) #5

Welp I was pointing out that on that day we couldn’t play due to maintenance. It was a joke since maintenance…should I point out maintenance again? I still play 40+ hours a week silly. And hope to be playing this game on the day I die!!:slight_smile:

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