Stats not recording for my server

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I have the most popular US brink server and no ones stats are being recorded! I need help because people want to have their stats. Is it a Config issue or a blocked IP or a port that could be causing this? Btw after playing another round on another server it did save my stats so I’m positive its my server that’s not working correctly.

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Name: [NGG] | Killhouse | OBJECTIVE
Address: Port: 27015

I’ve added it here on GameTracker for reference. This is your server, correct?

At the moment, your server appears to be suffering this issue (server reports alive with connected players, but is otherwise unresponsive, connection attempts just time out) which seems to be more frequent since the DLC release (I’m not sure if the problem is actually connected to the DLC/updates at all, or if it’s simply been noticed and reported more since then). Your server currently reports 15/16 players, all connected for the last 4 hours or more.

I don’t know if this is related to your server not recording/sending player stats, but it certainly could be. To date I haven’t seen any real troubleshooting or solutions for this issue, so let’s see if we can figure something out now.

Post the following:

[li]Server launch settings (.bat file)[/li][li]Server configs (any .cfg files you exec on launch or from console)[/li][li]The current brinkdedconfig.cfg file (should be found in an App Data folder under \splash damage\brink\base\ - depending on OS)[/li][li]Most recent server logs (assuming you’re keeping any)[/li][/ul]
It doesn’t look like we have spoiler tags added back to these forums yet, so upload the files as attachments if possible.

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The server being frozen only happens when the server has been up for like 5 days without restarting. I have only had that issue 3 times in about 3 weeks and it is unrelated as far as I can tell. My issue is that players who play on our server don’t get their stats recorded for games they play. I couldn’t find the third file you were referring to but the first 2 are here, my config and the batch file used to start it up

EDIT: I have found the last file i think and its too large to attach. Here’s a pastebin with the file contents of “connection_log_27015.txt”

EDIT2: Also the process is started through FireDaemon and we run it on one of our dedicated servers. Resources are not an issue and all 3 ports are forwarded not sure if thats relevant.

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Depending on OS, the default path where you’ll find brinkdedconfig.cfg should be:

C:\Documents and Settings%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\splash damage\brink\base
C:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\splash damage\brink\base

In any case, you should be able to find the current path by entering fs_savepath in the dedicated server console (or if going through rcon, send rcon fs_savepath).

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Ok here it is i found it.

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Any idea what I can try to fix this?

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Only things I can think of is if its trying to send data to the stat site via port 32 or 80. Best ways to test it is to see if the admins will open those ports up on the router for a short time to test or check log files to see if the brink server is trying to communicate out on a blocked port. Also depending on the router you should be able to allow ports to be open for outbound comm traffic, but still block incoming. Though the problem will still persist if the stat server needs to be able to speak back to the game server.

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Sorry, a little storm called Irene blew by the other day, and among other things I’ve had no power for the last couple days.

I don’t think the problem lies in your server configs, but there is some stuff you can clean up in there I’ll mention later.

The logfile you posted is not from the Brink Dedicated Server; I don’t recognize it myself, but from what I can tell from searching it looks like a log generated by another Valve/Steam game or possibly the HLDS update tool. I have no idea if it’s related or interfering with your Brink server or not, but that log indicates some kind of repeated activity every day.

If you want to capture Brink server logs, you have to enable it with some cvars. I’d recommend adding something like this to a cfg:

logFileName "logs/console_$Y-$M-$D_$h.$m.$s.log"
logTimeStamps "1"
logfile "2"

Another unknown is FireDaemon. I haven’t used it myself and don’t know if that could be an issue. Do you know of anyone using it for Brink that does not have the problems you are? If possible, try starting your server just with a normal batch file rather than through FireDaemon and see if anything changes. I also see that your batch file forcibly kills any running brink.exe process before launching another server. I don’t think that would be a problem, but who knows? How often are you killing and restarting the server that way?

Unless it’s configured for a high-security environment, that should be how any router is set up already. You rarely need to do anything special for outbound traffic.

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FYI this issue has STILL never been resolved. Be nice if someone from SD could give out some help on what needs to be done to get this done.

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Anyone got any ideas?

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Great customer service by splashdamage, this is how you are supposed to run a company.

Anyway I would make a new topic at the technical issue forums, because they dont like comming to this part of the forum because they get confronted with linux dedicated server file questions all the time.

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That would probably explain why my stats haven’t been updating, as I think that’s the server I frequent. User njezic led me here after I posted a new topic but this may actually be why. It’s one of like 3 US servers that ever have any people in it.

Would be nice to get an explanation as to what the problem is.

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Is anybody out there? SD? Look, if you’re working on W:ET2 then fine… but in the meantime I want my Brink stats.

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I’m sorry to say but forget it… check the date of the OP, btw your not the only1 same problem here.

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I understand the original date, that’s why I kept posting to try to get somebody’s eyeballs on it. It’s unacceptable that there isn’t even a suggested fix.