SQUAD POINTS: Suggestions and Ideas

(g00n) #1

Just noting that my ideas are just that, and not all will agree on them, but I hope others would comment or at least expand or give new approach to a very important aspect of balancing squads in games.

One of the things I feel needs updating on the game is the way the squad points are done.
The point system feels weak and is based on weapon type rather than the individual character (TOONS) Category, Class and Abilities which are a major factor in the game balance.
What Ive seen after a year and seven months plus is how the squad is all emphasized on weapon type and certain TOONS to get as much "Over Powered " (OP) Strength to maximize a game play. Yes, it is human nature to try to have the best, but usually having such a dream team can end up as either boring or just no fun fun to play with by your opponent. So what I have brain stormed below are some of the ideas which could be used in future, but need testing or at least feedback from others to give a much fairer indication of squad teams potential to opponents.
So below is broken down areas that need to be sorted, I hope this not too much to read (I added a few ideas on certain abilities), I was surprised how jotting down ideas on paper it made more sense to work on all these areas to get a basic idea on point system.
First off depending on the three types of Squad point size a player can choose to build.
[li]14 point
[/li][li]20 point
[/li][li]26 point[/ul]
Each toon should be one squad point each as a base when adding a toon to your squad. This point will be added to all the other areas covered below to give the basic total of what a Toon will be when you choose it with weapon type. I feel yhat only problem is the three Squad size points may need to be reworked slightly or kept and so may affect weapon choice even more. 6 toon in a squad is maximum in a squad team.
Category are the three types of physical anatomy of a TOON character which relate to how they move, take damage and energy they use to fight.
MOVE: 1 energy per map grid square [Min=1 Max=12]
HEALTH: 200 points
ENERGY: 12 points [Weapon attacks 1-4 times a turn]
The light is your fastest Vanguard type troop to scout ahead to gain advantage to flank or stop enemy getting into a good position. They do not have the health to survive multiple attacks and are good hit and run type.
Movement is there greatest advantage and this attribute needs to be looked at in squad point balance.
MOVE: 2 energy per map grid square [Min=1 Max=7]
HEALTH: 250 points
ENERGY: 14points [Weapon attacks 1-4 times a turn]
Medium troops is just your average type of squad member, they have a better survival than lights and have similar weapon rounds but 5 map squares slower in movement. In suggestions thread, some players feel they should have an extra two energy but I find that will out way game play in a number of areas over time. Personally I think it is the most balanced of the categories, and so using it as a base for it to work with other part of the game to make the squad points balanced.
MOVE: 3 energy per map grid square [Min=1 Max=6]
HEALTH: 300 points
ENERGY: 18 points [Weapon attacks1-6 times a turn]
The big tough slow troops that help to support the rest of squad team. Its strength is in health and hitting power. This category is what unbalances the most in squad points. I question energy total the most on this category for it just feels out of sync with the other categories especially in number of attacking rounds. If movement stays at 3 energy per square, total energy should be reduced to 16 points giving:

[ul][li]Move: 3 [Min=1 Max=5]
[/li][li]Energy: 16 [Weapon attacks 1-5 per turn][/ul] OK players would probably attack how slow they are. With actual stats the heavies are only slow by one movement to mediums with two potential attacks more! If this advantage is not taken into new update of squad points it should be incorporated with additional point cost in Squad points. They maybe slower, the other types should help stall or hold line to get them into play, especilly using Gus’s Water Squirt.
Now looking at category types we use:
Mediums: Make this the base of zero being the middle.
Lights: Add 1 Squad point (due to speed)
Heavies: Add 2 Squad points (attacks & Health) if energy total18 has not changed or Add 1 Squad points for Health and Energy lowered to 16.

A squad has a number of classes that each bring a number of advantages depending on players make up of squad. It will influence his tactical strategy and what weapons he brings to the game. Each Class has a basic skill that comes with class.
Types of Class:
ATTENTION AURA: 2 sq sensor
WEAPONS: 3 choices
This TOON is pretty much representing you in the game. The only time he is not in game is in the player vs computer scenarios where you play a generated squad team. Because he/she is the represented compulsory in multi-player games the class, is the most overpowered Toon in the game. I will go into detail under abilities.
He is treated as a medium category and has a limit of weapons compared to other classes. For some reason Knarley knife is not part of list! other than that he/she has a number of choices of abilities 1-3 depending on size of Squad, which makes up for limit in weapons.
SUPPORT FIRE:If team member attacked and they can attack the attacker. They will. Does not affect return fire ability
WEAPONS: 12 choices
This is your basic regular Soldier that should make up your squad. 6 Toons currently making the most of the classes. I find the support fire ability a bit erratic. Sometimes will work. But due to return fire it sometimes dosnt do support extra fire-you know it works when you have enough energy for one return fire and it gives an extra round. It dosen’t count additional attacks. I would like to see Commandoes have a tougher affect on damage absorbed than other classes. Im totally surprised they are not allowed any SMG weapons as well. they should have all weapons except specialist class weapons.
GHOSTING:2 turns of invisibility unless detected
WEAPONS:16 choices!
Agents are a specialist class, they should have certain special weapons other classes cannot have. With there ghosting ability, a game changer if opponent doesn’t sensor or guess where he turns up is good ability (used to be 3 turns long!) to get passed choke points or flank enemy. I’m shocked how this class has the most weapons to choose from and because of the nature of category types they are very general and similar to commandos in battle despite the clean advantage of ranged weapons. You can see why some players like using more than one of these class types. I would cut back on all heavy melee type weapons for this class. Also a note I find that when agent is ghosting over the landmines (spider mines) Megan has,they do not set off after them when they are in ghost or reappear. There Health should be weaker slightly eg. HEALTH: 290/240/190
TOOLS:fixes deployables (TOYS)
WEAPONS: 12 choices
Though no long ranged weapons with specialist shotguns that even commandos cannot have. the major attraction of these types is the deployables they bring to the game (Toys) which help in distracting attacks on Toons. The movable types of toys work better than the fixed (go into detail under abilities). I know the UAV from Madeline cannot be fixed by tools ability and that is a deployable as is Suds mine (haven’t tried tool on that)
MEDKIT: heal toons 60hp
WEAPONS: 12 choices
Medics are very useful in squad teams ability to last longer on the battlefield as the rounds tick past and accumulation of damage take there toll. Again a surprising number of weapons they can have. I like to see this reduced to short range weapons only and no Heavy melee. with general Category type, health is similar to other types and reducing it to say eg. HEALTH 280/230/180 will show that this type of class should be held in support than used in attacks. With the disuse of stacking thrown weapons damage and the healing affect of those weapons doing extra turns of damage except bee bomb and flamer. 60 points seems too much, with the use of more than one medics in team. A lot of the firepower is absorbed and needs more toons to help take down toons.
A basic 1 squad point is given per class type representing the ability it has.
changing weapons ranges is optional but this will be crucial to balancing (see weapons section below).
Reducing Health on Agents and Medics optional.
Commandos Tougher say 5% damage absorbed rather than adding extra health. I find 200/250/300 works good- optional.

Each Toon has additional ability that is unique to that character. They can be either thrown, deployed, radioed, have one use or upto three uses. Here are the list of Toons that I feel need to be changed for some balancing suggestions. Otherwise each Toon adds 1 squad point to total.
RADIO ABILITY: Calling in help that are dropped in coords by crate, Weapon or parachute and thrown. All throwing should be reduced to 4 square range.
SQUAD POINT SIZE: 14pts=1 20pts=2 26pts=3 abilities. Though when choosing there is room for four abilities but with the points given none will ever give that ammount so could be reduce on Captain ability choose page.

ARTILLERY: [2pts] {E=3} x3 55pts splash damage burst radius range max 10. This is very popular and helps bounce out enemy undercover for attackers to finish.
HEALTH CRATE: [2pts] {E=4} x3 heals 75pt health. Great for those without medics and compliment them to help bosst their health, or used to slow down enemy movement.
DEPLOYABLE COVER: [2pt] {E=3} x1 250 hp. Used to be x3 not st affective as the shield-a-bot. Like to see it reduced to 1pt and raise energy to deploy to 4 energy
PILL CRATE: [2pt] {E=4} x1 50% reduce of damage. This good ability, but sadly one use it usually is destroyed. There is no graphic to show it is in use for the two turns. Alternative suggestion: 2pts,x2
SENSOR DETECTOR:[1pt] {E=2} x3 5 square Radius sensor. Find this ability dosnt take in ghosting in range of deployment radius, so when enemy moves out of sensor range it dosnt set off sensor in next turn. Either it pings at the end of move like all the dropped crates deploy, so detecting ghosting. Alternative suggestion x2 they stay on map hidden till they detect. Once detection happens (ping) it is revealed and can be destroyed.
TEAM SPIRIT CRATE: [3pts] {E=4}x1 returns 50% of Movement of toon moving to crate. One turn only. This is hard one to deploy it gets shot up to reap longer moves. only when it is covered from enemy and understands how to use it can surprise opponent. Alternative suggestion reduce to 2pts or x2. It just dosnt have much affect compared to other abilities.
ORBITAL STRIKE: [4pts] {E=8} x2 3 square radius 98hp damage. The only ability to hit toons under cover of hedge or buildings!
BEE BOMB: [3pts] {E=6}x2 15pts damage over 5 turns, upto 6 squares range. One of two weapons that cannot be healed to stop turn damage. This is fun type. Alternative suggestion reduce to 2pts and 3turns of damage.

FLAMER:52pts damage, 2 square radius 3 turns of 12pts of damage {E=6}
Juan is basically a slow close combat toon that ghost into combat, but that is on paper. For reality he is used as a long distant killer (more shots) with additional thrown weapon. The flamer should be reduced in throwing to 4 square map grids. The flamer should be put out like Stun and Toxic turn damage or make them also immune to heal but medkit only heal the damage caused per turn.
GRENADE:88pts damage 3 radius, and pushback {E=3}
This is a powerful grenade even more devastating in artillery! Ive fought against 3-4 of these clones and they can wipe out quite a few Toons in one round, but if you survive they are usually weak. Going by Archies crossbow weapon, I like to see this weapon reduced to 1 radius similar damage but includes pushback and splash damage. Energy go to 4 than 3, but have 2 grenades. Damage upto 60hp? Throwing 4 square range and can be lobbed over cover. If allowed to be lobbed over cover like hedges it cannot directly land on opposite side but one square further out.
TOXIC GRENADE: 2sq Radius, 36 point of damage, 3 turns of 25 damage. {E=4}
Range thrown down to 4 squares. Being a gas all yellow and red cover will take some damage minus the cover protection. lobbing over hedge, balconies and building like suggestion for gdaves grenade optional. Do not make medkit heal turn based attacks, it should just do damage taken, not stop affect, like flamer and Bee Bomb.
TELEPORT GRENADE: Places targeted enemy back to start zone. {E=3}
I found this Toon weak (weapon only think helping it), and why a different deployment format in throwing, to all other type with pattern red circle range? Doing no damage it really needs another use like how about targeting own squad teammates to rescue in tight situations to be healed behind lines? Range up to 4sq this could be used adjacent squares to thrower, compared to damage weapons.
UAV: Detects 4sq Radius, remote-control explosive.
This is quite a tough little toy, when it is hovering and takes hits especially no pushbacks. Sensor should be similar to Captain ability suggestion it should come at end of turn to see hidden, otherwise ghosting just pass through. Id reduce health a little and get engineer tools to heal it, not health crates!
ROCKET LAUNCHER: 99hp damage splash
Range should go upto 6squares.
Needs to have pop up of range pattern when deployed for it is hard to get a good coverage, for once fixed cannot be moved. I like to see range upto 4 to 6 squares, it is one square to close with splash and in range. It needs to be out of range of thrown weapons. Health is fine damage is quite high 65hp? Dosnt say in description.
It has been suggest a few times about updating this for this toon is a rare one these days. Suggested 2 attacks. Damage should be like the Hooh hah upto 45 not 35odd. Being on a platform range of seven helps in accuracy. Health fine since last update.
SQUHURTER: x3 4-6 range up to 5o damage, move 2 push. {E=6}
This has been the best way to move heavy toons than spend energy. I wanted to see it change (in suggestion thread) but could be a little complicated. What I suggest here is the range is now 1-5 radius. Range 1 =2 sq moves with full damage. 2-5 range moves target 1 sq move with damage deteriorating in range. Two toons together in range 1 can be pushed 2, but if grouped over they do not move just damage. The tactic of this ability is now common to use on own troops more than to enemy to get them to come in range or pushed out of cover.
Each ability counts as 1 squad point. The captain is the only one to have a point per number of abilities costing 1-3 pts extra depending on Squad point size…
Maximum throwing range 4 squares (seriously 5-6 is to long.
Make or thrown weapons with continuous turns of damage not be able to heal, just damage it causes.

Now we come to the last. here I feel the weapons should be placed into three groups. First group are all the 1 squad point, Second =2pts and third=3pts. Some weapons have similar stats and in so doing I slightly suggest changing a few to make them unique and hope to develop a better range for these days players are sticking only to a few types.
E=Energy O=Optimized Range R=Range. I find that all damage doesn’t need to be changed. Bracketed letters: M=Medic CPT=Captain C=Commando A=Agent E=Engineer {ALL}= all classes can use.


KNARLEY KNIFE: E=4 R=1 {ALL} this is actually close to a short sword than a stabbing knife, future could have normal knife with faster use but light damage. Added extra energy for strength to use.
AUDOMADIC COLD: E=4 O=1-2 R=5 {ALL}This is slower than SMG but more accurate aiming.
WOOZY: E=3 O=1 R=5 {C, M, A} Though prefer this to be Range 4 and cockler range 5
COCKLER: E=3 O=1 R=4 {C, M, A}
KATANA: E=4 R=1 {C, M, A, E} Drop Squad point and add energy to use.
PERSUADER: E=4 R=1 {C, A, E} Dropped Squad Point added extra Energy to weld no medic use.
STUMPINGTON: E=4 O=1 R=4 No pushback {Engineer Only} It is a slow loader and hasnt the pushback strength as pumpington

AWUGA: E=4 O=1 R=4 Pushback {ALL} Slow heavy weapon to aim with pushback impact bonus-if it didn’t have pushback it be in 1st table…
HOOH HAH: E=4 O=3-4 R=6 {CPT, C} Changed range optimise down two an area that isnt concentrated on other weapons.
SLUGGA: E=4 R=1 Pushback {C, M, A, E} I would put this in ist table but due to pushback.
LUMBERER: E=4 R=1 {C, E} Reducing use in Agent and Medic.
OTTO CARBINE: E=4 O=5 R=7 {Agent Only}
ELECTRIC FRYER: E=5 O=7 or 1* R=9 {Agent Only} Either reduce optimum range by two or how about reverse the damage so making 50 damage in range 1 and 26 pts in 9 range so working withxenergy reducing power for distance!
CHAIN-AWSOME: E=5 R=1 {C, E} Reducing use in Agent and Medic.
PUMPINGTON: E=4 O=1 R=4 Pushback {Engineer Only}

JAMMER: E=5 R=1 x2 pushback {C, E} The double pushback places this in this table.
LMG BIFFO: E=5 O=3-4 R=6 {Commando Only} Dropped energy point and added squad point. Otherwise in +2 table with Energy 6
MINIMAX: E=6 O=1 R=5 {Commando Only} Dropping energy by one gives better variety, and use.
HAMJAK: E=6 O=1 R=5 Pushback {Engineer Only}
BOTHERER: E=6 O=6 R=8 {Agent Only}
AVENGER: E=7 O=6 R=8 pushback {Agent Only}

[li]CAPTAIN=4 weapons
[/li][li]COMMANDO=15 weapons
[/li][li]AGENT=13 weapons
[/li][li]ENGINEER=12 Weapons
[/li][li]MEDIC:=7 weapons
1 point per toon
1 point for class ability
1point per light category (speed)
1 or 2point per Heavy (Health/ Attacks)
1 point per Toon personal ability (captain 1-3)
+1-3 point weapon type.

some EXAMPLES of currant Squad point worth and in Brackets one described in thread
26 Squad Point. (37 or 33 squad points)

[ul][li]Captain with Audomadic = 4pts (6pts)
[/li]> [li]Gus with Woozy = 4pts (5/6pts)
[/li]> [li]Gus with Cockler= 4pts (5/6pts)
[/li]> [li]Juan with Electric Fryer = 5pts (6/7pts)
[/li]> [li]Juan with Electric Fryer = 5pts (6/7pts)
[/li]> [li]Dave with Audomadic = 4pts (5pts)
[/li]> [/ul]25 Squad Point (32 or 31 squad points)

[ul][li]Captain with Hoo Hah = 5pts (7pts)
[/li]> [li]Ivan with LMG =6pts = 6pts (7/8pts
[/li]> [li]Archie with Audomadic =4pts (5pts)
[/li]> [li]Madeline with botherer = 6pts (7pts)
[/li]> [li]Kate with cockler = 4pts (5pts)
[/li]> [/ul]20 Squad Points (20 Squad Points)

[ul][li]Captain with awuga = 5pts (6pts)
[/li]> [li]Pete with Otto = 5pts (5pts)
[/li]> [li]Dave with Hoo hah =5pts (5pts)
[/li]> [li]Tim with stumpington = 5pts (4pts)
[/li]> [/ul]20 Squad points (21 or 20 points)

[ul][li]Captain with Audomadic =4pts (4pts)
[/li]> [li]Tree with Hoo hah =5pts (6-5pts)
[/li]> [li]Angela with S&P= 5pts (5pts)
[/li]> [li]Meg with Pumpington =5pts (6pts)
[/li]> [/ul]14 Squad point (16 Squad point)

[ul][li]Captain with Hoo hah =5pts (5pts)
[/li]> [li]Dave with Slugga = 5pts (6pts)
[/li]> [li]Kate with cockler = 4pts (5pts)
[/li]> [/ul]

It may sound confusing at times but if total is done in game , player just concentrate on adjusting weapon and category type. As you can see most actually are similar to one used in the game. It is when Captain in different squad size and Heavy and lights used with high point weapons it deviates.

(g00n) #2

no one commenting or feedback or alternative ideas?
Surprised at how many have looked.

(Mustang) #3

12 forum members have looked and I believe only 6 or so of them play the game actively, not sure where that 2,868 figure comes from, trawling bots I guess. Sorry I can’t comment as I’m one of those that doesn’t play enough to give suitable input.

(Jerry-Rigs) #4

I’m curious (and lazy). How did you determine that number? Do you have any special access or is that info available to anybody? How?

(Mustang) #5

Correct, moderators have access to additional info, sometimes it’s useful for the forces of good. :smiley:

(Jerry-Rigs) #6

American joke: Oh! You mean like the NSA? (NSA got into trouble for suspected surveillance of US citizens inside the US, That’s reserved for the FBI)
British translation: Oh! You mean like MI-6? (Or is it MI-5)

Didn’t remember for certain that you were a mod.

(Mustang) #7

Probably GCHQ I guess.

(g00n) #8

I really like to see something done with the point system, even if my ideas are not used. Lately with my run of Random multis with random maps and squad, I keep coming up against very OP squads that are working well with map scenario. It is a total mismatch when outgunned (x2 fryers are frustratingly annoying on mads and juans) and once in awhile playing lower experienced players I feel the one powerful (esdpecially with orb strike they cant get) and rather than quit game they just wait for expiry 4 days.

(Silvanoshi) #9

Merc balance is certainly something that we can consider looking at in a future update. Some minor changes are on their way in that regard with the next iOS update, so it’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts after you’ve played with the update for a little while.

(g00n) #10

Merc balance is certainly something that we can consider looking at in a future update. Some minor changes are on their way in that regard with the next iOS update, so it’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts after you’ve played with the update for a little while.
I hope this also seriously looks into the electric fryer especially use with Juan and heavies energy.

(Jerry-Rigs) #11

Tweak Gus to 1 squirt and you’ll find fewer “OP” fryer’s

(Beebi_Gun) #12

The Fryer can still be very powerful in the hands of Madame w/o the help of Gus. Of course, not to the same extent but it is still pretty remarkable.
Gus with 1 SQ would be a kind of UP, don’t you think ? I mean, that’s his shine. It’s his ability; you use it once and then he has little role in the field after that. Can still heal, yeah, and take dmg (being a heavy medic and all), but still. =/

(g00n) #13

Quote Originally Posted by Jerry-Rigs View Post
Tweak Gus to 1 squirt and you’ll find fewer “OP” fryer’s
The Fryer can still be very powerful in the hands of Madame w/o the help of Gus. Of course, not to the same extent but it is still pretty remarkable.
Gus with 1 SQ would be a kind of UP, don’t you think ? I mean, that’s his shine. It’s his ability; you use it once and then he has little role in the field after that. Can still heal, yeah, and take dmg (being a heavy medic and all), but still. =/

I still think squirt is fine with 3 goes (remember 5!) Range is too long like throwing. The closer the squirter is the more damage and power to move- its range and use of moving 5-6 range is what counters the slowness of movement but that extra 2points of energy is damn handy on heavies in firefights.

Gus is like Archie/meg/pete they can use same ability more than once in a turn. Rick in theory should be able to do so as will (instead is allowed to use one of each of its radio called abilities in a turn), while the rest of toons are one offs.

Also for main ability types per category Captain, Medic, Engineer and Commando have endless use but agents ghosting is limited. Commandos support fire is just shiite dosnt work all the time and as said above erratic. Medic first aid is probably the best skill.
Ghosting I can understand playing it before it was reduced to two turns (cant remember if it was 2 goes at it as well) Engineer (spanner prolongs toys but most times toys destroyed quickly from ranged weapons) and Captain (helpful to stop sneaky stuff up close to your boss) skill ability not used as much-more of a bonus in situations while med kit helps relieve turn based effects like stun/gas as well as heal health.

Working out these areas will help immensely in working out squad points. Imagine Medic kit with limited use!

(Jerry-Rigs) #14

[QUOTE=Beebi_Gun;514159]The Fryer can still be very powerful in the hands of Madame w/o the help of Gus. Of course, not to the same extent but it is still pretty remarkable.
Gus with 1 SQ would be a kind of UP, don’t you think ? I mean, that’s his shine. It’s his ability; you use it once and then he has little role in the field after that. Can still heal, yeah, and take dmg (being a heavy medic and all), but still. =/[/QUOTE]

I think you miss my point.
The downside of heavies is that they can’t move very well. Using multiple squirts to position Juan (or other heavy) with a big gun eliminates that downside. I haven’t worked it out analytically, but I suspect that a lone Madam/Fryer defeats a lone Juan/Fryer based solely on the movement advantage.
It is my understanding that the current OP squad is heavily weighted towards heavy snipers with supporting Gus’s. How often do you see OP squads without one or more Juan’s?
With respect to Gus being UP with only one squirt, I’m sorry but he’s a heavy medic! In close quarters with a pistol, he’s deadly.
You cannot compare the special abilities against each other on a one to one basis (except maybe Juan & Kate). Gus doesn’t usually act alone. He supports another toon (usually a heavy)

(Beebi_Gun) #15

I don’t think I missed the point. I understood what you meant. But I don’t agree that the Fryer is only “OP” in the hands of Juan in conjunction with Gus’ 3 SQ’s. Maybe I’d not call it OP but still not a 5 SP weapon, not as long as you’re able to run two with a 6-man squad.

Anyway, I wasn’t arguing against anything you mentioned here. I don’t see how you concluded that. Gus can be a heavy medic and be able to take dmg and do dmg if allowed, yes, but being slow himself lets us with little reasons to choose him if not for the SQ. I believe you’d be better off with a more versatile medic, that can run around the battlefield quickly to heal mates. Maybe make his SQ move only 1 tile for heavies?

And I’m not comparing him to anyone. Heck, I haven’t even mentioned others’ abilities. I was genuinely asking if you don’t think he’d be UP, which by now I assume you don’t(?). Gus should still be able to support other units with SQ, and having only one SQ (and still move 2 tiles) would limit his chances of doing it so successfully, by a lot. Rare would be the occasions where you’d want to choose him particularly for his ability. Which is a major factor of how units are picked.

It only gets broken when supporting Juans because of a sniper rifle (usually a Fryer). Moving heavies only one tile would limit it to other heavies as well, sure, but if you are really committed to advance with this supporting tactic you’d still be able to pull it once in a few games. Not outright remove it, or almost. Just my thoughts.

(Jerry-Rigs) #16

[QUOTE=Beebi_Gun;514395]I don’t think I missed the point. I understood what you meant.

Anyway, I wasn’t arguing against anything you mentioned here. I don’t see how you concluded that.

And I’m not comparing him to anyone.


Sorry BeeBi. Some of my comments were targeted at g00n’s post but I was too lazy to quote him.

I mentioned limiting Gus to just 1 squirt more as flame bait that a serious suggestion. I think 3 squirts makes the squad (not him) OP (I hate that term). I don’t claim to know how to fix it. Maybe 2 is OP as well. Maybe some of g00n’s suggestions about limiting the squirts ability based on the target’s weight are the way to go. Of course, the way squirts are asymmetrical doesn’t help either.

Having said all that, the game allows it. If you want to win the (any) game, you use the rules to your advantage. Anyone can choose any squad (given time) and run with it. That’s the equalization factor. The player using the squad provides the OP factor.