Spawn problem with map script

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I am working on a map called Decay. I am at the 4th beta version. You can check out this video presentation :

I am trying to make a spawn point available for allies once they have destroyed a dynamitable objective.

So after the objective is destroyed, The team_wolf_objective become visible and the autospawn is set there no problem, but I can’t seem to be able to activate the info_player_deathmatch entities for allies to spawn there?

I don’t want this spawn to be start active because you’re not allowed to spawn there at the map start

Anyone out there that can help me make sense out of this ?

The map pk3 file can be downloaded here :

Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

(Dynasty-ET) #2

i was able to find the problem and fixed it!

please close this thread thanks

(Mateos) #3

Hi, sorry to see this topic so late, I guess it was a setstate matter? Else, what was the culprit?

I’ll send the map download link to the guy making OB waypoints, is there any particular major change between Beta 3 and 4 that is worth knowing?

Btw thanks Ray for the heads up o/

(Dynasty-ET) #4

Hi Mateos, no problem! it was actually a very stupid error, my info_player_deathmatch scriptname where not name the same as in the script… sigh.

of course i checked previously and didn’t see that oh well. The map is now Beta 5 since i changed the script. download link is here

there is quite a lot of changes between the beta 3 and the 4. a lot of new rooms and obj placed differently. i have someone working on the waypoints already for the newest version.

thank you for your help :slight_smile:

(Teuthis) #5

In case others are interested, here a tutorial on all sorts of spawn issues