Sparks help

(Truuuuuuuuu) #1

Ok, so i am wanting to do better at sparks, i have her bought and want to be as effective as possible, if someone whoo knows how to sparks good, could either give me tips in this post or hop into a discord call with me to help coach the tactics and ideas into my head? (just direct me and tell me what not to do)

(Shenaynays) #2

Sparks is a medic who plays differently to the other field medics. (thats guardian, phoenix and Sawbonz). In my personal opinion she works best when in the “fall back” line in order to keep your front line mercs healthy and in the fight. Placement is important with her, because if you’re too far forward, a few stray shots or getting caught in almost any other mercs path will result in you dying. She is also small and fast, you will definately need to learn the map specific jumps and learn to use long jump wall ‘bouncing’ to get to places quicker because unlike slower mercs she can use her speed to dodge rather effectively.

Her packs heal a decent amount of hp and can be used to top up your team pretty well. Theres nothing much to say about them other than aim to hit teammates directly with them. Stray med packs getting picked up by enemies can lead to annoying moments.

Her revive gun is amazing as it gives you the majority of your offensive presence on a map. with a 60 damage on a fully charged body shot to a 120 damage shot on a headshot it can wipe out most mercs with ease. The way to use it most effectively as an offensive tool is to start charging before you turn a corner as that gives you the most damage. If you in a situation where you need to keep your speed up but also charge a heavy shot long jumping off a wall and charging during the long jump also works well. On the other hand using it as a revive tool is more of a difficult task, it requires you to know when to leave a gun fight as a medic and get ready to revive to let whoever else was with you to finish off the fight. Usually this will mean abandoning a gun fight and getting to safety to charge the revive gun and pick up the team mate to full to keep him in the fight (that is if you’re out of packs). On ranked you can also use the revive gun to down your own team mates and pick them up on a full charge to give them some hp if you’re out of packs too.

Finally in terms of loadout cards:
Still the 383 stands head and shoulders above the other cards, its your best bet. Nice set of weapons and every single augment improves your ability to just exist as a sparks on the map. Get up, Quick charge and Potent Packs are all excellent augments.

the 282 is nothing to scoff at, the tolen and selbs are both good weapons and as stated before get up and quick charge are excellent. Unshakable, i believe, allows her to live one nader nade from full as well as a stuck fletcher grenade which she couldnt do without it, giving her much more survivability

also the 181 Is the best option for wanting to use the MP400, Quick charge and potent packs once again but this uses quick draw too. which is nice to swap quickly from your revive gun to primary / packs / knife

(henki000) #3

Everything that was mentioned before plus:

  • Drop medpacks before engagement with enemy, if you can. Those heal instantly, but dont lend them to enemy hands. This is why I usually “hide” packs and make safe escape route with them. It takes valuable time to throw those in combat. It’s great if your squad notices these hidden packs as well.
  • You need to have slight twist in natural tactics and flow. Tell team to stay more connected group and have a vantage point where you can revive them. Because of this, its usually your responsibility to lead team in voice chat. You are in more safe spot to observer map and timing. Leading team means: understand every ability, weapon, weakness and strenght in both sides. Knowledge of basic tactics is required. Think tank before match is needed.
  • Always shoot headshot and never miss. Sparks has unwritten tough luck perk against any other merc than Sparks. It’s bad idea to solo with her or even pair with someone. Stay behind the group.
  • Dont waste your revir energy, but keep motion. Cancel constantly, you will be charge/cancel and walljumping every corner when playing with her. It’s good to predict revir levels.
  • When reviving teammate, have full charge to give more HP, but also short charge for fast revive. Learn how much energy is needed for minium revive.

My favorite is 143 classic in gen 2. But you can use anything with Quick Charge and Get Up augment. People will preach for 383, but I personally dislike Empire. It’s unaccurate.

I have played 100 hours Sparks and while I’m not particularly bad/good with her, I still would pick Sawbonez or Phoenix. They are much more solid, even if I have less hours with them.