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Basically I’ve been on GRIND playing a lot of sparks trying to understand her play style and get use to it, however I have noticed that shes really bad at picking fights unless you hit someone with a at least 25%-50% charged dart/bolt (depending on who your fighting) and due to the lack of firepower its pretty risky in gauging even at that point. So are you suppose to stay in the back and chip off dmg and give that type of support or be in the middle giving “some dps” but also dieing really fast ? Its kinda confusing because yea res-ing from a distance is nice but also kinda not sense you dont have shock paddles and your rifle is slow even with the charge perk/tad bit buggy with pulling it out and it not firing.

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Stay in the back and look whos currently engaging/being engaged. If someone is about to go down prepare to revive him , but dont shoot the enemy if your ally is already at less then 50% hp or not very tanky at all.
If you have to fight try to ambush. If possible, start off with a fully charged revivr shot and then switch to the empire-9 (get 383 , its sparks best card). Spam walljumps like a madman once you have started this. If your opponent has a really good aim you have to watch how you position yourself so you can back off and heal up.

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Always charge you reviver.

If a team mate gets downed, a charged reviver restores more health than an almost empty one. If an enemy player gets the jump on you, a charged reviver causes a lot of damage (provided you manage to hit him).

If you see an enemy in the distance and your reviver is charged, give it shot. It won’t cause as much damage as close range but makes it easier for your team mates to do the rest of the damage.

In case there is nothing to do with your charge, discharge in the ground before the reviver overcharges. If you play Sparx properly, this is going to be a rare event. :wink:

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When playing in servers with FF on, kill your wounded teammates and revive them with get up and quick charge augments. Tell them to die somewhere distinguishable, so you can revive your teammates more easily and in good distance. Otherwise it’s going to be hard time to 1v1. But when you get in 1v1, drop the medpacks somewhere near before engage. When you die or kill, try to make sure someone is dancing over the downed if possible.

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Thanks guys for all those tips, I really enjoy working with Sparks and those will help me up my game :smiley:

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I main sparks and I find sparks most effective in mid range if you want to do some damage.

Working in close/mid range will need very good game sense and you want to make use of corner peeking and your movement speed as much as you can. Go behind the corner to charge, peek when ready and zap. if you don’t hit them and see them advancing, running away is a perfectly valid option.

Wall jump spamming mentioned earlier is imo best utilized in close range engagement with REVIVR (if you miss the 1st zap, switch to a gun) or for running away. While you jump, your accuracy won’t be spot on and you really need those headshots with REVIVR to be deadly so I’d advice against it from close to mid range.

Someone mentioned 383 being the best card, but once you get comfy with mid/close range, 282 will become a curious option. With the unshakeable perk and full HP you can take a nader grenade to your face and live.

Focus on getting those headshots and staying alive (game sense). Once you start playing more aggressively, you might notice you focus on the aggression too much. It will become quite tricky to be both medic and a DPS.

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Sparks simply put, requires you to have almost spider sense levels of awerness of your surroundings, your team and your enemies. She has arguably a pretty high skill cieling and skill floor to use properly so just keep on playing her and you will feel what is right (and what is not)