South American Community Servers - WHEN?

(mrdisco) #1

Considering the game might go dark when official servers shut down, I really need to know if there are plans to rent community servers on South America through Multiplay.

Hadn’t made any friends but I would like to pay from my pocket to keep at least one server for the Allendes, Kirchners and Bolsonaros.

(Mc1412013) #2

Official servers are NOT being shut down. As long as enough people are playing the servers will remain active acording to @Moobabe 's post only thing is developement ended other than that game is alive for now

(Moobabe) #3

We’re going to look into this - hopefully it’s something we can sort out for you :slight_smile:

(mrdisco) #4

It would be nice.

Community is “small but passionate”. There are people that play since the nexon days.

(mrdisco) #5

“Considering the game might go dark :point_right: when:point_left: official servers shut down”.

The official servers ARE UP
IF a significant number of people are playing;
The official servers will BE SHUT
IF a insignificant number of people are playing.

Having to explain this is painful. And no… I don’t excuse you for making such an inept remark.