Someone help me make the shader to work the textures

(Comida Japonesa) #1

Good afternoon, fine, then the next, when I put the textures through etmain and then apply them using gktradiant and then I open the normal map, now when I try to put it through the map folder I created trying to use some shaders there not working, someone could help me please I’m newbie in the editor, I wanted to know how the map creators can make the textures work by the map file I created instead of the etmain folder.

(KeMoN) #2

Hi there.
Your custom textures should be in etmain/textures/[your_folder]/(example].tga
e.g. etmain/textures/comida_japonesa/wood.tga

If you are using shaders, then put the shader in etmain/scripts/[your_shader].shader
e.g. etmain/scipts/comida_japonesa.shader
Make sure to add your shader to the shaderlist.txt! It won’t work otherwise.

For testing your map. Find all shaders and textures you are using that are not in pak0 and put them in a pk3 in your etmain directory of the game.
To do that, create a new .zip archive and rename the file extension from .zip to .pk3.
Inside the pk3 follow the same file structure, without the etmain folder.
Textures: textures/comida_japonesa/wood.tga
Shaders: scripts/comida_japonesa.shader
Map: maps/comida_japonesa.bsp (plus the folder called like your map if you are doing a light-compile)

In-game open the console and write /devmap comida_japonesa or whatever your mapname is.

Hope that helps

(Comida Japonesa) #3

but just as the map creators can make their own textures work inside the pk3 folder and rotate the map without appearing the yellow around and the black in the middle