Some Turret Spots (Defense)

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Title says pretty much it all. Here’s some turret spots I’ve had been at least somewhat effective most of the time (whetever it’s the amount of damage or psychological effect)
I’ll do another one for attackers later.

If I have missed some really good spots or maybe you’ve had a really good time with a spot while I haven’t, feel free to share them~ (+ there’s a lot of spots that are super situational… there’s already 90+ images here and it took me a good while to put this together so… yeah, no ty)
Also, I’m a pubscrub (and an idiot) so don’t come to me in tears if these are not working so well in Ranked


Yeah, these are really basic.

Denying/ slowing down a push from left side.

These will work quite nicely, especially the first one, as long enemy tries to push in the room.

Idk… nothing much to say here.

More or less good spots defending dem drugs.

We all know the battles around the container after attackers get out with the objective but have a little hard time getting it in ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




Early gaem spots.

If your team manages to damage the EV on this turn (which happens almost every time), this spot can do a lot of damage…

… and again as they proceed a little bit further…

…but of course, covering yer bum wouldn’t hurt either.

More little traps.

If you just want to amaze your teammates.

Some late game spots.

Protecting obj are and your rear from some cheeky bastards.



Okay… seriously… I avoid Dome as much as possible. I think I might have played the map total 5 or 6 times.[/spoiler]


Early game spots

Protection for the objective

Couple spots to help the scrubby attacker team to stay where they should stay… IN THEIR SPAWN

Things have gone to shit but it’s not over!

Enemies destroy the wall, your team spawned a little before that, defenses are set… welcome to the rekt town!

Protecting last two objectives and other late game spots



Early game spots

Mid gaem spots



Örly game yeah yadaydayda

(Not sure why I decided to make a clip for that spot but there you go)

BONUS!! BONUS!!! BONUS! How to be a dick~

There. Boom. Done.

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Wow , nice spots i already knew about most of them myself , but really good job!

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Nioce Nioce.

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@SereneFlight Oh man on top of the lamppost… Really? lol

(SereneFlight) #5

THEY’LL NEVER EXPECT IT!!! (even tho the chances are it’s going to be useless but you never know when the cheese works)
During previous ReV week I went there as Rhino, half of the team rushed right below me and it took them couple seconds to realize what was going on as the bullets were raining down on them lol.

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I like that BONUS, must try it next time i am defending on that map :smile:

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Wow some of these places are really brilliant and I didn’t even know about them. Great job!

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Hey this is a great thread dude thanks, as a main of Bushwacker I knew most of those spots but for new Bush players this will help a lot, there is however one spot is use to great effect on terminal that you missed: Last objective, up the ramp facing the container closest to defence spawn, it is hidden from the back by the MG and the angle to hit it from the balcony MG is very acute and it hits anything that tries to go behind said container from the tunnel pump side.

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These spots are awesome, thank you OP!