Some fragger changes that I think are fair

(watsyurdeal) #1
  1. Increase the time it takes to cook a nade

Not by a lot, just small amounts till it feels right, right meaning people have ample time to jump fragger while he is cooking the grenade.

  1. Increase cool down between nades

Just to help reduce spam

  1. In competitive matchmaking, class limits

Seriously, why isn’t that a thing? When all the mercs are released it should be.

(capriciousParsely) #2

Lower his HP to 120 (Skyhammer level). Why should he be able to take more damage when he brings even more pain to the table than Skyhammer?

(watsyurdeal) #3

Because he can’t replenish ammo, and skyhammer can damage the ev. Try doing that with fraggers nades

(Reddeadcap) #4

Decreasing the cool down even more seems a bit too much, they’re the same as proxy’s mines cool down wise and I see more Proxy’s using them as makeshift grenade by shooting mines after dropping them

For grenades themselves in thinking the following; they have more weight to them and the damage is based on how close the player is to the center, exact center would be 100 damage, 2-4 “Feet” 70 and at the very rim of the explosion 50 damage, all affected by the explosion decreasing augmentation.

As for gibbing, if a player is lowered to -30 hp via overkill damage they’re gibbed.

Finally, Fragger states he’s going to throw a grenade “Frag out, Frag you, etc.” when its cooking not exactly its thrown. To give players some time to react.