Some fixes for private match

(Chronicler) #1
  1. If someone has just been spectacting the entire game, make sure they can leave if necessary (join another game)

  2. Change it so specs can join a game if they want

  3. Make sure the private matchmaker doesn’t crash after a game, so teams easily can start a new one without invites

  4. Make it so less ready ups are necessary for a quicker start

(Chronicler) #2

Found another thing that needs fixing:

  1. If you create a private match lobby and invite people, this problem can occur, we had 18 people for an 8vs8 and two wanting to spectate, so we tried to see if there could be spectators, but it didn’t work, then the two specs left the lobby, thing was that we couldn’t invite two new players, since the two previous players that left, were still “registered” for those spots presumably. Even though they had no ability to rejoin and no game was started.

(Chronicler) #3
  1. Seems if you played ranked before regular bonuses are cancelled for stopwatch and win, and also wins and losses don’t show up for me anymore for new games :confused: