Some Curious stuff about lore

(GatoCommodore) #1

i did remember that turtle is living inside a flat in london.
question, does he drink irradiated water?
also what was the medication hes using in the flat?
im thinking about the anti prosthetic rejection drug like in Deus Ex:HR

can SD talk about the lore a bit more? @stayfreshshoe?

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #2

I always thought they were just painkillers. Would make sense as to why he’s always so mellow.
I feel like London isn’t as irradiated as the CDA likes to say it is. There’s probably some underlying plot by the CDA, which is causing them to keep London closed off. Considering how many people are still walking around London, anyways.

(Press E) #3

I think I remember something about proxy building a water filter for her family, so it’s not surprising someone like turtle would be able to manage that as well.

In the new tutorial, jackal wrote “lairs” over the CDA’s warning message on their london wall, so there probably is something fishy going on.

It’s also interesting to note Vault has a fucktonne of gold bars just laying around, but not once does jackal mention them. And you’d think they would if they were only trying to make money by selling stuff.

(Xenithos) #4

In my entire conspiracy theory that I’ve been laying out since the beginning of DB you make an excellent point about the Gold bars. I think SD is catching onto their own innate CDA fishiness though, they’ve been removing the reasons why some of the actions were going on in DB. Like the train in Trainyard or the drugs in bridge etc.

(Press E) #5

I think they only changed that for continuity purposes. Instead of having several separate timelines, they’ve been trying to connect them