So who's playing Destiny 2?

(watsyurdeal) #1

raises hand

Name is the same on, go ahead and add me. Can’t always promise I will be available but I will try.

(Wintergreen) #2

Played the first one for about a week and then never touched it again. Was expecting a Halo meets Borderlands with UT-like multiplayer and it felt nothing like that to me despite how it was marketed. Would the second one be worth trying?

(watsyurdeal) #3

Well it’s on PC. :smiley:

(Wintergreen) #4

Yeah, I play Borderlands and Unreal Tournament on PC obviously, but had consoles growing up as well so played games like Halo and Gears too. I might give the new Destiny a go if it’s ever on sale or up for a free weekend to see if I like it more than the first.

(GatoCommodore) #5

Do i want to play Triple A MMO?

i’ll skip this one

(TheStrangerous) #6

Isn’t Warframe considered Destiny done right?

Though, loot based/rpg based gameplay absolutely doesn’t appeal to me (looking at you, Shadow Warrior 2…).

(watsyurdeal) #7

Eh, I actually liked Destiny 1 but couldn’t keep playing because a lot of the stuff became ridiculous to tackle on my own. And I was not interested in playing with kids so I stopped.

My friends are on board for this one, so I am hoping it’ll be good times.

(henki000) #8

I dont have much hopes for Destiny 2