So much Vassili - class limits, please

(Viquel) #1

I just had the least fun in DB ever: 4 Vassili on each team. One of them as actually a good sniper (opposing one, ofc), the others just being rotation ones. Having 4 Naders on every team is not much better (I guess, didn’t have that so far), but at least something is happening other than hide and seek.

I know I’m not the first one having this train of thoughts - but please,enforce some class limit on servers

(Jorj) #2

As much as I love Vasilli, I agree 100% that mercs/classes should have a limit

(Kroad) #3

not in casual - let people enjoy themselves playing the class they want, you can tryhard to win in comp mm (sadly not used right now though)

(cosmopolitanSponge) #4

hmm… CS GO all over again xd

(Amerika) #5

Vasilli got nerfed pretty hard today so I doubt there will be that many of them once people figure out that there is a ton more sway when moving while scoped and jump shooting is no longer a thing.

I don’t agree with that change though. Vas isn’t that great in competitive and he’s mostly just annoying in pubs.

(crooKk) #6

He still rapes :neutral:

(LiNkz) #7

Ofc you rape against bad people, who don’t spot you, crouch and shoot at you. Now that you pretty much can’t move so it’s even harder though :stuck_out_tongue: You can still jump if you don’t move left-right while doing it, so basically just behind a cover.

(Viquel) #8

Exactly :smile:

I think any stacked class can be very bad and unfun to play against,m but in case of Vassili, it’s even no fun to play alongside. He’s mostly useless for objectives as he’s at a distance. 4 Bushwackers can be just as useless when every single one finds their own camping place. 4 Fraggers or Naders? At lest it’s still somewhat fun to play with them on your team - you get to see an enemy once in a while :dizzy:

I wonder what the critical mass of Arty would be before I would feel that there should be an Arty-limit :trollface:

(srswizard) #9

I’ll take 3-4 Vassilis on my team in pubs gladly, if they’re smart with their HBS, but sadly that usually isn’t the case.