So is DB dead?

(Your Mom Says Hi) #1

So i recently found DB and it looked awesome, so I downloaded it, started it up, only to be met with a message that said the game is currently not running, and to check Twitter for updates…and I have seen nothing from the dev team on here about the game shutting down temporarily or otherwise. Does anyone have any info about when or if this will be back up?

(DarkangelUK) #2

The game is no longer under development so there are no more updates coming. For the most part the game is ‘alive’ as in playable via community servers, however there are issues with the backend that can cause the game to go into maintenance mode, and thus requires manual intervention to resolve, this is usually during weekdays when the devs are in the office. Here is the latest update from the team

We’re experiencing issues with some of our backend services, many of which we don’t actively maintain anymore since development on the project stopped. There are workarounds to get things functional for a time but, as you’ve seen with the repeated outages, it’s a short-term fix.

A proper solution will take some development time, but that’s likely to be a delicate process given the systems that are involved. There’s also the issue of freeing up the people to be able to investigate and then fix the problem, many of whom are on other projects.

We know it sucks, and we want to fix it, but we don’t have a time frame for you all yet.

I believe the game should be playable again as others have been on streaming.

Tell my mum I said hi back

(ASD) #3

the game works fine expect the nearly daily (fake)maintenance message/unknown error at ~20:00 and ~22:00 (utc+1) but just reconnect if this shit happens

(K1X455) #4

Tencent filtration coming soon (with documentation)!

(Mc1412013) #5

The master server locks up some times. Just give it a few hrs for sd to get into the office and reboot it they are in the uk so if it goes down while there out of the office you have to wait

(3D Printer) #6

This ^

AFAIK they don’t get notifications about the servers going down anymore, unless we tell them.

(Poldy040) #7

Really anoying thing wih the master/loing in server.
When you look at this, you will see that it more happens in the close past:

If they need stable hardeware, just ask for donates! :wink: I am sure that some aktive players will send some bugs for a new and stable running server.


(Mc1412013) #8

I think we may have tried to do this in the past

(rorgoroth) #9

All SD games apart from the open sourced ones are dead. Go figure.

(Mc1412013) #10

At least we can still play . It Could be worse, if nexon still had there claws in the game the servers would have been dead too

(ASD) #11

i definitly would donate for stable master servers