Sniperfree server

(RectalTerror) #1

Could we have one, pretty please? Just one, worldwide. I don’t care if my ping is over 9000, it will still be a better game than right now.
(sniper-free and sparks-free, obviously)

(Mustang) #2

This is what community servers are for, you can get one here:

(PariahDog) #3

Thought you can’t ban mercs on community servers so unless you have an admin watching to ban anyone playing sniper cancer, it can’t be enforced.

(Teflon Love) #4

AFAIK not a single major feature has been added to community servers since their initial release. Especially not merc bans, a single merc rule or mindless fun modes like “knife only”. It will be interesting to see how many people will continue to rent them once the initial rent period expires.

(PariahDog) #5

Single Merc rule can’t work in pub play.

You jump in mid match, are all mercs someone has picked not allowed? If so you can have 2 new players max on a in server and thats only if others aren’t picking the freebies in addition to others.

Now if its you can’t spawn as another merc that is spawned. Ok I hop in mid game and pick Phoenix, Stoker and Bush then hit deploy. All 3 are already on my team, now what?

(Teflon Love) #6

There should be some older threads around where solutions to all this have been suggested. For instance make some mercs exempt from single merc rule (e.g the 3 default mercs and some of the medics).

(RectalTerror) #7

yeah that’s what I was afraid of

(mrdisco) #8

No. Deal with it.