sneak's 1440p HUD - v1

(sneak) #1

I was using some random HUD I found and I just modified it to be centered for my res but it wasn’t that good (changing the res broke alot of things too). Made my own. It’s only been modified for OBJ/SW because I don’t play Execution.

Old HUD:

New HUD:

I know not everything is perfectly centered, but it doesn’t really matter. It works fine for anyone who wants the useful information in a better place and it’s better than what I used previously.

  • This will only look 100% right on 1440p. The YouTube video is only 1080p because those are my settings for recording in ShadowPlay.
  • Ready up box is under ammo count area
  • The game wave timer, health bar, experience indicator, detection notice, phantom shield, ammo, minimap and abilities are all centered at the bottom in 3 columns.
  • Badges are on bottom, a little to the left of the abilities.
  • This hasn’t been perfectly adjusted to the Phantom shield bar or detection notification. I only used debugging for these.
  • It’s not been modified in any way to please anyone in Execution mode.
  • Chat is on bottom right.
  • More obituaries, obituaries last longer and they’ve been moved up into the corner.
  • In spectator mode, the game wave timer isn’t blocked by the new stupid execution style player list.
  • In spectator mode the box with the player’s card, kills, assists, etc. is moved up a bit.
  • The FPS meter isn’t part of the HUD. Type “Stat FPS” in the console to enable.



  1. Close DB if it’s open and go to “C:\Users<username>\Documents\UnrealEngine3\ShooterGame\Config”.
  2. Make a backup of “ShooterUI.ini” incase you want to go back to what you had.
  3. Put my “ShooterUI.ini” file in that folder and run the game.

(Ygg) #2

i love the looks of it, too bad its 1440p. Is this based off of Hoss’s HUD?

(Splicer) #3

Your graphics are potato.

(sneak) #4

This hud is made 100% by me. I made a “quick 1080p version” for a friend. I know there’s 1 minor issue with it which is that the message in the beginning and end of the round that goes across the screen in blue text is off-center.!LJwQUBzL!XR3R-AjmN2lsRbCly4Wv7V_TbBJlYBhIOxl1aUYjXI4