Small heal for Guardian?

(Chronicler) #1

How about giving Guardian 1-2hp per second the skyshield is up or something so that she at least has a small heal.

(DarkangelUK) #2

I think SD are pretty much dead set on the idea that Guardian won’t have a healing ability, even slightly.

(ASD) #3

yes and give here a ammostation and a rocketlauncher… or just IDKFA

(Glottis-3D) #4

And this is a mistake. one of many.
A medic without a heal is not a medic.

(Mustang) #5

More like hybrid support rather than medic.
I love the mixing of roles.
Looking forward to the merc with heath and ammo packs!

(Nail) #6

likely happen right after they change the name to “Slightly Soiled Snowflake” to match the player base

(-bacon-) #7

[QUOTE=Glottis-3D;571595]And this is a mistake. one of many.
A medic without a heal is not a medic.[/QUOTE]

Just think of her as Phantom; a merc that kind of belongs to a class but doesn’t actually belong to said class.
To be honest though, if she had healing then she would be just too OP. A merc that can prevent almost all projectiles, revive multiple people at a time from a distance, AND heal you? Yeah, no thanks.

(DarkangelUK) #8

I agree, I also think she’s far more useful for mitigating and negating airstrike and projectile spam than she would be as a medic, and i wouldn’t want any of that nerfed or removed just so she can heal.

(Glottis-3D) #9

i disagree, that small healing abilities, like ‘very fast start of regeneration’ or ‘increased regen speed by 40%’
cannot be balanced out by cooldowns of her other abilities.

(binderr) #10

I don’t think she needs to heal party members too, her revive is enough to support her team. she’s also fine at stopping fire support over ev. but maybe she needs a self heal or something to survive on her own more. maybe self heal regen (for few seconds) whenever she revives team mates. i can’t really think of anything else!