Slenderman is back

(Kl3ppy) #1

Yesterday Slenderman came back. It was on Chapel at the MG where attackers can build the ramp. It was a Proxy and she left the MG and her model became Slenderman.

(ZGToRRent) #2

I think, they never fixed slenderman bug because it’s “hillarious”.

(AssortedStuff) #3

Most likely they haven’t fixed it yet either because it’s low priority and/or they don’t exactly know how to permanently fix it.
(might even have to do with problems in the engine itself, as other users in the forum have reported very similar bugs happening also on other games).

(light_sh4v0r) #4

Yeah I’ve seen a couple. Usually seems to do with MG’s

(ASD) #5


its still there


(Mustang) #6

He never leaves, just hides in the shadows…

(Nail) #7

anyone see it in PTS ?

(Mustang) #8

If they did or didn’t they couldn’t comment in public anyway.

(ASD) #9

still hapening (5.5.)

(ASD) #10

they obviously did not try to fix this at all…

but hey we hav football trinklets…they are more important then fixing shit which exists since years!