skyParms does not work on a Windows 7 Laptop

(sd2009) #1


I created a SP map for rtcw. The skybox works fine on a Windows 8.1 laptop but it does not work with the old Windows 7 laptop. The parameter r_fastsky 0 is set but it does not help. Both laptops have rtcw 1.41. The Windows 7 Laptop shows the infinite mirror effect. I tested the map with an old Windows 98 SE computer. The skybox does not work with Windows 98 SE also.

The skyparam parameter looks as follows: skyParms textures/greennight/greenight 2048 -

The skybox textures greennight_lf, greennight_rt, greennight_up, greennight_bk, greennight_dn, greennight_ft, and so on are under textures/greennight/
The shader file is also available under folder scripts/

I even noticed that the same map suffers from the shader overflow bug with the Windows 7 laptop, although everything is fine with the Windows 8.1 laptop.

Any suggestions?