Skyhammer and Aura needs some loving

(Chronicler) #1

Skyhammer is starting to bug me compared to other fire supports

He really needs either shorter recharge time, or actually quicker deploy (less obvious and speedier), his airstrike is just so obvious that it’s only useful in public games. If anything, make his marker more like a grenade when you use it indoors if not anything else.

Since Aura has been weakened in healing so much, maybe she could get a better smg?

These are the base mercs also, which make it even worse.

(Szakalot) #2

both are fine. Skyhammer can still be effective as a hailmary -switch to skyhammer-disable ev- go back to previous class

Aura is still a staple merc of the meta, even after all the nerfs

(Raviolay) #3

Maybe up the damage and blast radius of the flare nade when it goes off indoors…