SINGLE PLAYER: damage a door..

(BaronBlabla) #1

how can you make a door which a demon is trying to damage so he can come in???

(Tron-) #2

Depends on the approach you are trying to take.

You could either use scripting to move the doors to simulate them being pulled apart, or create a model of the door in your modelling program of choice then make an animation of it being deformed.

If you want to have a door where the demon doesn’t manage to get through you could make a quick and easy cheat using a patchmesh door.

Create a simple rectangular patch mesh where you want the door to be, and fit a door texture into it. Now clone that door and deform the patch to look like something has tried to bash through. (ie a big bulge in it)

Turn those two versions of the door into two seperate func_statics and note their names. You will now need a little bit of scripting. Nothing complicated, just a simple setup where the first undamaged version of the door is triggered out at the same time the damaged version is triggered to become visible. Add a loud bang sound at the same time and while far from perfect, it’s a quick easy effect.

(BaronBlabla) #3


good idea, wouldn’t come up to use a simple patch mesh myself, I’n not soo common with scripting so I still have to learn a lot of facts about it…

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