Simple Halloween Weekend Event

(lovelyHat) #1

Assuming nothing big is planned for Halloween, maybe some Living Dead themed missions for the weekend:

Raise the Living Dead:
Revive 10/20/30 teammates

Silence the Dead:
Finish 20/40/60 downed enemies

Ideally, something utilizing stats already tracked allowing for a low input Halloween event that can be built upon in further years.

(Mr-Penguin) #2

This would be easy to implement and encourage people to revive and finish. I approve!

(crabbyWaltz) #3

This could be a normal mission also people forget too often to finish or revive.

(Jan S.) #4

@MissMurder is it possible? :slight_smile:

(Bestfinlandball) #5

I feel like these could replace the already removed secondary objective missions and the not removed competitive match missions.
(please remove them)

(retroactiveMedal) #6

I think that this is a great idea! It would definitely encourage people to revive and finish. Maybe so people will have a greater want to finish it would be a reward. Maybe for completing the highest one, for either of the missions, an expert case? Just an idea! ;D

(Grave_Knight) #7

Nah. I rather have something like the enemy team’s models are replaced by zombies…

(Mr-Penguin) #8

HQ Materials already does that.

(SiegeFace) #9

That would be pretty sweet! Maybe have a competition on haloween to see who gets the most revives and finishes. Then we could have 2 haloween themed skins or something for the top 2.

(lovelyHat) #10

While that would be cool…in order for it too look good it would have had to have been worked on since earlier this month. This suggestion was on the assumption that most of the design teams were focusing on the containment update, which is understandable