Silver duplicates not detected

(Violator) #1

I have 3 sets of duplicate silver cards yet the game does not detect them as duplicates so cannot be recycled. I do not see this issue with bronze cards (I only have 7 gold cards but none of them are dupes).

(alphabeta) #2

You can always recycle them manually, but I get your point. The system is failing to detect the duplicates. I often see this as well when I get a card and the system states : “You already own one of these cards” when I actually have more, or in different colors, or special event load out cards of the same type.

(Mustang) #3

It’s because they aren’t duplicates, the skins are different.

(DB Genome editor) #4

It’s nearly impossible to tell for the Javelin cards (you would have to look at the skin previews), but it’s obvious for your Sparks an Stoker “dupes” that you have both the Urban and the Carbon versions of these loadouts.

(Violator) #5

Ah you are right… I was wondering re 1st vs 2nd edition etc. The Javs do look identical - has she even had 2 different editions? I bow to your knowledge on skins :D.

Looking again, the Jav skin on the right has a green backpack so it is different.