Signing in problems

(C4ppe) #1

Since last saturday I’ve been having a few signing in problems:

-when starting up the game signing in takes a long time and then has an error resulting in the game closing
-the game does startup and I can play a match but everytime a match ends the game wants to sign in again and goes to the same unknown error and the game closing.

Before saturday I never had any such problems.
Since the signing in problems popped up I have verified cache multiple time, restarted steam and even reinstalled but the problems are still there.

Anyone can help me?

(RobinHooj) #2

WTF guys? I have this problem more than week now. In my case I can play single match per one game run, then when match is finished signing in fails and pretty ERROR window with EXIT button is shown. More than one update was released during this time and none of them fixed the problem. WTF???

(RobinHooj) #3

(RobinHooj) #4

Try installing windows updates. In my case this solved the problem. Probably only windows 7 is affected.