Signin not possible! it was NOT the end :)

(ASD) #1


like the title say… currnetly no login to the game is possible… not even me alot of friends told me the same…
the game say for some time “signing in” then either a “unknown error” or a “ERROR” happens… the 2nd offer a detail button if i press it I get some steam window opening “http://error/” and this is saying: " Invalid SSL Certificate"
and the next button is in both cases the “EXIT” button which bring me right back to the desktop

with the 4th try i was able to start the game… thne additional 3 trys to join a server…
and after each match all players get disconnected from full 16 slot server

please fix

Regards from vienna

(Press E) #2

Yeah it was messed when I tried to play last night on NA servers. Took forever to sign into a match, then once it ended I got 0 credits and 0 xp and the mission progress was just an error. Then I got stuck in an infinite signing in screen when we went back to the map vote. Tried to rejoin, the server only had 3 people in it by that point from 14. Lots of people on the discord saying the same things too.
Apparently people are still getting in, it just takes a lot of waiting and a lot of reloading, or so I’m told

Doubt it’s the end though, SD hasn’t announced anything, and if they did just suddenly pull the plug, it would probably happen all of a sudden and not as a gradual slowdown. More likely it’s just DB being DB, and since it’s the weekend there’s no one in office to take care of it


We’ve done some investigation into this and made a few tweaks to some of the backend infrastructure. We’re seeing some immediate improvements in the metrics so it should be better now - if you still experience problems, let us know and we’ll investigate further. :+1:

(ASD) #4

Thanks Maisy!
issues was gone yesterday evening plaing without problems.

(Zero Phoenix) #5

I got a weird bug that day…after I got a loadout case from advancement case and open it, more loadout cases just keep showing up in my inventory, I got probally 8 or 9 cases in total(well, that was happy).
Anyway, hope you guys can figure out whats going on.
And btw even I know its basically impossible for you guys to do it but…is there any chance you will lower price of cases in shop? That could be a way to attract more new players to keep DB alive…

(K1X455) #6

if you meant advancement crate, they do randomly drop 1 or 5 brownies and the occasional premium loadout has 15% chance of a cobalt and the rest are golds. I opened 30 advancement crates today and it was very underwhelming.