Sign the Petition to make AngryJoe Review DirtyBomb again

(Koala314) #1

During the history of gaming, many people had struggled to find a good, balanced, fun, and original shooter, and many developers have also struggled to actually make those games. Some shooters have failed because of a focus on microtransactions, annoying buggs, rushed development, bad optimization and so on.

Dirty Bomb is a free-to-play game on Steam that doesn’t suffer from any of those. Not only it is fun and well-made, it features a pretty welcoming learning curve, and every item on the Shop can be bought with in-game earned currency. No single dollar is needed to unlock Weapon Skins, Mercs (Classes), or Keys for Crates.

Nevertheless, Dirty Bomb is dying, ¿Why, would you ask, such a good game is close to coming to an end? Mainly, because of AngryJoe Reviews titled “AngryJoe Plays Dirty Bomb [Angry Rant!]” In this video, AngryJoe states that this game is “Pay-to-win”, wich is, and was, false.

AngryJoe claims in defense, that “Thanks for defending your new game, we understand your need to! But understand our right to be annoyed by this model (microtransactios) that is clearly built specifically for this purpose instead of normal or player selected unlocks, perks, guns and skins”

Again, there is no questioned right about getting annoyed. We understand that we can get mad, and explode in anger, (Mostly what makes AngryJoe Reviews appealing to the public) nevertheless, there is a substantial difference about getting mad and giving false information about an open-beta game.

All this being said, we would love for AngryJoe to review Dirty Bomb again, not for a good critic , (expecting this to save the game) but for an honest critic. There is a right to get mad, and hating a game, but for the appreciation and respect towards the effort the developers made in more than three years , hundreds of people playing since the open beta, and fans of AngryJoe, I request the re-evaluation this game deserves.

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(Teflon Love) #2

If Angry Joe would do an honest review of DB, it would probably result in an SD bashing. While not undeserved I don’t see the point of kicking someone already lying on the floor.

Instead here’s on of the better reviews of Angry Joe where I found his antics actually fitting:

(Rémy Cabresin) #3

What specifically was the false information?(I never bothered watching the entire video because I can’t get past the angry act in most of his content) The loadout card system, including the gameplay bonuses, for a good part is the way it is because of microtransaction reasons. Just a result of Nexon’s happy little involvement with the game. AngryJoe, while maybe overemphasizing those microtransactions with his ‘outrage baiting’ video style, isn’t really wrong. Just because money isn’t required doesn’t mean microstransactions aren’t stimulated towards, grinding for non-paid unlocks exists purely to push people towards paying for them instead. It’s not pure pay2win, but it (ab)uses the same psychological baiting. He specifically says this in his video description too, that it’s not necessarily ‘true’ pay2win but still a businessmodel that pisses him off. Especially back then when non bronze cards had only 1 Augment that businessmodel was pretty shit towards consumers :P, plus it being so expensive and RNG at the time, getting cards for characters you don’t own, I frankly agree with most of what he’s angry about, DB just got the short straw, wrong time wrong place for him to make a video on it :D.

You could ask for a new review since a lot of that system has been adjusted, droprates are lower, you get more stuff for free, all cards have 3 Augments etc. But even now gameplay elements are still tied to microtransactions, that’s the real problem regardless of weither you need to buy them or not. AngryJoe makes an obvious rant video out of it, but reality is a lot of players still have this same feeling when they first play the game D:, and those players also don’t get past that look/impression of pay2win and forget about how good the game can be if you look past that. AngryJoe just a very angry version of what a lot of players experience in DB.

(Unrivaled) #4

True, and let’s also not forget that at the time, some specific augment combinations were only available at some rarities.

It was something like 6 loadouts available at bronze rarity, 8 available at silver rarity and 9 available at gold rarity.

So 2 loadouts were exclusive to silver and gold rarities, and 1 loadout was exclusive to gold rarity (cobalt didn’t exist yet), making the game actually p2w even if the advantage was very slight (and maybe there was no advantage at all because the rarest loadouts were bad, I don’t remember that at all). But one thing is sure, not all the loadouts were available at bronze rarity at the time.

And there were no loadouts in the shop, so RNG was the only way to get them as you said.

@Djiesse probably remembers better than I do how rarities worked back then and if the gold exclusive cards were actually good.

(henki000) #5

AngryJoe is a nice comedy artist. I dont believe he would change his mind, because his profit comes from being angry and funny. If he suddenly changes his stance, it would damage his fanbase. He didnt go full mad in Dirty Bomb video, otherwise it could have been great advertisement. People come back and meme his videos. It’s not like he destroyed EA with this BF4 video.

(Teflon Love) #6

I believe he aimed at EA releasing more stable games in future with less deluxe crap. Apparently he epically failed at that, too.

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #7

I don’t really think it’s necessary, not anymore, anyways. Sure it would be a nice little pity apology for our now no-development game, but what would Joe get out of it? For us it would be nice, and sure maybe he’d get some people to come check out the game, but like @henki000 said, it would do more damage to him than it would do good for us. I personally enjoy AngryJoe’s videos, even as a longtime Dirty Bomb player (though I can’t forgive his ignorance in the DB video), so I don’t really wanna see him go down. AngryJoe’s whole shtick is his anger, hence the name, and taking back that anger would just hurt his reputation.
Not to mention that Joe is already pretty damn stubborn, considering he still ignored the part where you can buy bronze loadouts with credits and instead focused on the part where you can buy them.
Would it be nice? Yeah, sure. Is it the right thing for him to do? Definitely. Is he going to? Hell, no. Would it make any real sense for him to do it? Not really.

(B_Montiel) #8

Well the initial system with a shady trading up system was indeed confusing to the biggest extent, especially with a Nexon editor tag on the game (let’s face it, it did not help for that either).
I’m not saying it was P2W in any way, but it definitely was a endless grinding scheme at that very time of the public release.

Honestly, they could have done something easier and more straightforward. Regular players got what they needed for every single merc in less than 3 months, casual are still grinding. That’s not what is supposed to happen I guess. And they definitely been way too light on cosmetic aspects. They could have done a fair amount of money simply by putting 3 augments on lead, iron and bronze with the system as is, making silver only craftable and leaving golds and cobalt for a fair price of money with no RNG included.

RNG, that’s something that confused a lot of people, giving false P2W views to many people as well as proper frustration for people looking for that very loadout they use 90% of time.