Shuffle Team vote needs to change.

(Volvary) #1

As it stands, the shuffle team vote is completely pointless.

To get a shuffle vote through, you need majority, which let’s face it, between people not voting, and the winning team refusing to shuffle, never happens.

You guys already have an auto-shuffle in place, it goes off after the games are over. Make it so it auto-shuffles if scores are unbalanced. How hard is it to make it so that non-voters do not count in the majority or something?

(NikolaiLev) #2

I’d like it if the shuffle threshold was based on the disparity between total level sum as well as performance statistics, with the threshold increasing after each successful vote to prevent shuffle spam.

Hopefully, casual matchmaking will make this a non-issue, but I doubt it.

(henki000) #3

Sometimes there is so huge skill cap. One experienced player can rekt whole newcomer team alone. It causes people to leave and the match gets more unbalanced. Then in next map, this experienced player switch to another merc, where he/she isn’t so experienced anymore, the team balance gets ruined again.

I would personally remove shuffle team vote completely and leave it to administrator/moderator tool only.

Team balance can be reached when there is some serious automation. Here is some proposals:

  1. Maybe you can merge players from different servers. Experienced players get moved silently to equal skill cap server, when they aren’t playing with friends. Same happens to people who play drunk etc.
  2. There should be short ban for leavers in some servers (30min?).
  3. Hide levels and make top list of players based on change% of winning match. I haven’t thought this completely to end, but I would probably use this to assemble teams. There should be different win ratio on different merc that gets updated in two months and combine to score based earlier experience.
  4. Remove public servers completely and people get forced to use matchmaking only. Or, public server teams can challenge matchmaking teams.

(K1X455) #4

Actually, a better ELO system needs to be implemented.

Abandoned/completed game ratio is better displayed rather than level.