Should There be Secondary Objectives for Execution?

(SpinnerzNQ) #1

Just a question.
I personally wouldn’t care for either, but it would likely be a no. Just because there isn’t much time in each round anyways, and the maps are too small for alternate routes. But I’d like to see others’ opinions anyways.

(gloomyRequirement) #2

Wouldn’t be a viable strategy seeing the 2 mins round time. It would really just be clumsy

(bontsa) #3

The roundtime should be already lowered with like 15-30, even 45seconds to meet the fast pacing of the game, so adding sideobjectives to justify the lengthy 2minutes is…naah, doesn’t feel right. But again, don’t care since I don’t know how they would be implemented, maybe there is a way to make them “right”.

(solace_) #4

I would say yes, but they would have to be specially made objecives that can be completed fairly quickly by either team. Short time limit after all. Could make for some interesting tactical decisions.

“Do we lower the draw bridge? or go for the forklift?”

" Well steve, we could always blow open the sewer and come from where they least expect."

Thats how I see it playing out. Anyone care to back me up? no, well, I guess Im alone.

(TheFoolArcana) #5

I prefer to not have.
2 Mins for secondary objectives wouldn’t have time for primary objective.
Isn’t necessary.

(KnightDemon) #6

The way I look at it, if you add another objective, you might as well be playing objective. Execution is fine, it’s the mode I personally like best, and closest to a team deathmatch we can get. The one thing that is really hurting the mode is the lack of maps. Overground and Market are fun, but more maps would definitely help the game mode alot.

A possible fix to this is maybe a community map contest where the finalists can have their maps tested by the community and the winners’ map makes it unto the official map list. Since it uses some flavor of the Unreal Engine, that should not be too hard to do.

Balancing is another thing that needs to be addressed, and oddly a simple solution that could quell that issue is…bots. UnrealTournament was groundbreaking with the enhanced reaper bots by Steve Polge by extension of Quake. The bots obviously disappear at the end of a round when a new player joins and we all know that when a player leaves that tends to mess up the balance most of the time. Be it introduction of a less skilled player or lack of any player joining at all.

Another thing that could help as well is shortening the wait time and telling the players over and over what to do. Atleast for the min level 10 servers, it would make a big difference.

(Draco) #7

there is no time for secondary objectives, but maybe they could add some objects that you can use it: open/close a door, use a console (just a few seconds) for activating an elevator, etc. I’ve played A.v.A. years ago and some of the demolition maps (pretty the same as execution) had some of this, and it allowed to set new rutes and strategies, and protect some other areas