Should there be a "Go A!" and "Go B!" in the quickchat menu for Execution?

(ethicalVeneer) #21

Honestly,I really hope that if all the mercs get a Go A and Go B voiceline,Thunder and maybe Sparks will say something like Rush A and RASH BEE.

Hope someone will get the refference.

(DirtyDav) #22

I would definitely want it. I’m always teamchatting a or b, but a lot of the time, people don’t see it because they’re not paying attention or the chat’s being overrun by a swarm of other messages. Quick chat voiceovers would fix this.

(neverplayseriou) #23

gj nekroing an almost one year old thread about a shit gamemode.

(DirtyDav) #24

…that says November 2015 doesn’t it :confused: I read November my bad asdfasdfasdf

(shyComposer) #25

sometimes u want ur team to go mid tho and not left or right

(Dr_Plantboss) #26

It still may be useful for them to know where you are going.