Should the MoA not be able to kill Fragger with 1 headshot?

(watsyurdeal) #1

Simple question, Should we change the MoA’s headshot damage to 120, bodyshot damage to 50. And the Felix’s headshot damage to 160, and bodyshot damage to 60?

(frostyvampire) #2

Then FEL-IX will be superior in every possible way.
2 bodyshots 120hp mercs, insta kill everyone but Rhino, insta gib Aura and Sparks
3 bodyshots to kill most 110/120/140 hp mercs, 4 bodyshots to kill Rhino/Thunder, 2 headshots to kill Rhino, can only insta-gib mercs with 20hp which is like nothing.

I’d say just buff FEL-IX headshot damage to 160 or 170 without touching the MoA and MAYBE buff bodyshot damage to 65 and release a merc with 130hp so at least we have that

(watsyurdeal) #3

Not if we buff the MoA’s rate of fire

(Guziol) #4

Moa needs to be removed from the face of the earth

(woodchip) #5

MoA should at least get nerfed to 59 bodyshot damage. I do think Fragger should still die from 1 shot, though. Fragger doesn’t need that kind of indirect buff.

MoA is so strong in the hands of good player that it should absolutely not also dominate the Felix in average hands.

Also, buffing the MoA’s RoF while keeping its ability to 1shot most of the cast is an outrageously bad idea.

(GatoCommodore) #6

you know, the reason we dont have sniper rifle with 160dmg is because squishies will get instagibbed

aimee is an exception