Should ranked be locked off until a certain level?

(AeroFro) #1

Because me and my friend love to play ranked but were usually bogged down when most of our teammates have only 24 hours ingame. I’m sure that SD doesn’t want to lock off the rewards of ranked to certain people but you can’t just jump into ranked after a few quick matches. Maybe you could factor level into matchmaking so that you get matched with people around the same playtime. But that is just an proposition that would take a while to make. I have no ideas how to fix this but if you do please do tell. Fixes other than find a whole group.

(light_sh4v0r) #2

Ranked is only accessible from lvl 7 and higher.
Whether or not that’s high enough is open for debate though :slight_smile:

(UnaSalusVictus) #3

i think perhaps looking at how some other games deal with the higher pve/pvp type stuff, why not have tiers, unlock it at level 7 but, only match up 7’s with say 7-14’s and so on… sure that will hamper some people who catch on quick but, lets be honest, they could just grind out some levels in pubs to unlock the next tier …

(-bacon-) #4

Sadly this game doesn’t have the playerbase for splitting the community even more. I mean, can you imagine how long it would take to get a match if we couldn’t get lowbies on our teams?