Should adding new mercs reach it's ending?

(TheStrangerous) #1

Obviously 25 is the stable number of mercs, which should fit 5 each category.
But should they ever, non-stop, infinitely add more new mercs, like Pokemon and it’s TV show’s episodes?

(Wintergreen) #2

I want them to prioritize new maps, crafting, giving us more incentives to do ranked, some cmm tweaks, and more events long before they puke out mercs left and right. It’s a lot of work for them that could be used in other places and will always be a constant struggle to retain balance. I don’t want to listen to this Javelin crap every month. I think one new merc every 6 months to a year would be ideal.

(watsyurdeal) #3

Eventually yes, cause most of the roles are getting filled.

Then they can come out with a new Wolfenstein that sort of combines all the mercs in a category into one class. Like Engineer with the ability to choose the shield, turret, sticky mines, and access to SMGs and Shotguns for example.

(Guziol) #4

I does not bother me the amount of mercs they will add as long as they all make sense and they are not just being tossed in for the sake of new mercs.

(Gire) #5

Imo they should now cease merc production and focus on balancing/maps, maybe new weapons in new generation cards.

(frostyvampire) #6

I’d rather have at least 7-8 mercs in each category (maybe except recon).
A new merc every 3-4 months will probably be perfect if they do it. That’s only 3-4 mercs a year and it will keep the game fresh and fun.

Not releasing any new mercs at all will eventually get boring, unless they find another way to keep it fresh.

(Cleanlybomb) #7

When they run out of ideas. As long as they can make mercs relatively unique from each other, I say the more the merrier.

(znuund) #8

In my opinion there are enough mercs. I think adding a new merc is a really tough task to do and when they said that they plan on adding one every 6 weeks I thought that this is not going to be done. Designing a new merc and balance him so he and his abilities are not op is mega hard. Also, you have to keep in mind, that older mercs can get overshadowed and it wouldn’t make sense to play with him.