shooting the MG at the end of the map

(ASD) #1


If you shoot the MG at the end of the map …you shoot in the outro camera move from very strange angle (like you shoot from the original MG position to the center of the camera view.


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other example:

(Violator) #3

I’ve been able to arm C4 after the map has ended.

(ASD) #4

this still happens


(Meetrock) #5

This isn’t a bug, when the match ends, the game prompts a cut scene to your screen, but you can still move and do pretty much anything other than shooting or arming a c4. The most apparent example is Chapel, when you finish all 3 objectives and the CDA building explodes, you can see yourself running around if you are actually running around. And for c4 arming after the match ends, you must START arming the c4 BEFORE the cut scene starts, if you do so, the game won’t stop you from arming it. So yeah, this isn’t a bug

(DB Genome editor) #6

The bug is not that he can still shoot the MG during the final cut scene, it’s that tracers are showing up in part of the map where they have no business : he was shooting in a completely different direction and there is no line of sight between that MG and the ship.

(Meetrock) #7

Still, it’s a normal thing. Because that cut scene, doesn’t use a premade video. It uses a camera view in a certain place of the map, so typically when you’re shooting, whatever traces where the shots are going and from where are coming, uses your own view as an argument. When the game switches to that scene, the procedure responsible for tracing the shots does its job as it’s intended.

(ASD) #8

ok its no bug…
but it looks very strange

(Meetrock) #9

I agree, but it has no bad effect on the game or even your experience in the game.

(DB Genome editor) #10

The fact that there is a logical explanation for it doesn’t change the fact that it’s almost certainly an unintended side-effect of a combination of conditions which was not accounted for in the design of the feature. Call it a design flaw if it doesn’t fit your definition of a bug…

(Meetrock) #11

That’s my point, it’s nothing other than a design flaw.