Shiny's Sketch Dump (and other stuff)

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I hope this is the right thread! Just thought I’d put some Dirty Bomb doodles and stuff of my own here (Still trying to get used to drawing the characters accurately)

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Might as well post some old art: (Phoenix is a redhead in the concept art if you’re wonderin)

Also, is shipping art like the above okay to post?

(VincentRJaeger) #3

These all look cool yo! And shipping art is okay! As long as it is Vassili and Sparks.

(Shinywindow) #4

@Jaeger Sorry, but I’m a dirty Flarks shipper

(VincentRJaeger) #5

</3 your art sucks kthxbai /jk


@Shinywindow Gragger be lke, “my fragger sense is tingling”

(gg2ez) #7

That Sparks picture is what we’ve all been missing.

(Shinywindow) #8

Just gonna drop Aimee and Vassili here with winter outfits ¯_(ツ)_/¯


@Shinywindow Now thats a “cold War” YEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

(gg2ez) #10

These pieces are actually pretty nice, what programs and equipment do you use?

(Shinywindow) #11

@gg2ez I use PaintTool SAI for the linework and basic colors, then I move on to Photoshop for the effects!

(gg2ez) #12

When I actually try I can do the line work but when it comes to colors, shading, effects, ect. I’m hopeless :tongue: Good job with your art though - looks fantastic.

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Some gifs

(DootyBomb) #15

omg i ship ammie and vassili as good friends now <3

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By the way, if anyone wants these graphics as wallpapers or something for your own stuff feel free to take them right here in this link!
I’ve mostly been using them for my recent Dirty Bomb videos which I’ll shamelessly promote right now~

(Shinywindow) #18

Casual reminder that if you want to see more art I have another thread for fan-mercs.

Thank you to everyone who enjoys my stuff! Have another gif

(gg2ez) #19

The GIFs are too good. If only we could set GIFs as wallpapers.


[quote=“Shinywindow;92048”]Might as well post some old art:


Sparks with traditional folk costume.CUZ IM PROOOUD TO BE A BULGARIAAN!