Settings reverting back to default after restarting game


I tried saving the bind for push to talk to ‘P’ then i saved, restarted the game, and it reverted it back to the default bind. I changed ShooterEngine.ini to Read Only and then back to NOT Read Only. ~~~~~~

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It needs to not be on Read Only for setting changes to keep; after the settings are saved and the client is closed you can change it back to Read Only. You did it in the wrong order, that’s really all it is.


I’m still having this issue, if its any help, i get crash messages on “bugsplat” for missing/or corrupted files relating to ShooterEngine.ini and a couple of other files. But in general, it’s not so much of a big deal, i could always just change the configuration every time i launch Dirty Bomb.

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@kot_steam Hmm… try verifying the files via Steam, and clear out the .ini files; that’ll force it to remake the .ini files and check for any corrupt files. After that repeat the process as normal and see if it works. If that doesn’t fix it you’ll want to contact Support via a ticket, as it’s likely not something anyone here can really help with.