Servers locations

(haribal) #1

Hey, is there any way to play without lags for EU players? Since last update this is terrible! Today i played on 2 moscow servers and i even didnt see my own death. Any fu**in one! In server browser these servers was under 70 ping but real it was 150-400. Ofc EU servers dissapear…

(haribal) #2

No answers from dbteam and any changes on servers. It looks like developers has eu players deep inside ass. Sad but true

(Mustang) #3

The answer was in the change announcement, EU servers from server browser have been moved to casual.

It’s casual or Moscow, those are the choices right now.

(haribal) #4

Fantastic! Ive to choice to waiting over 3m for single match or lags. Good move DB, very good! Keep going…

(haribal) #5

My hands are off… Even on obj game ive lags, every ****in time. Pro move DB. Theres no number players choice, no map choice. Just lags and high ping. Big dick deep inside DB ass.